Industry: Catering Industry
Core Business:Herbs, spices, seasonings and custom seasonings
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About Hexa Food

Hexa Food  is a food product manufacturer established in 2007, focused on producing high quality herbs and spices, seasonings and custom blends. To keep in pace with digital market trends and remain competitive, Hexa began their journey of business transformation by establishing a digital brand image and an online concept store. They also established HEXA IOT to automate their production process. Hexa is proud to announce they won second place in the Enterprise50 organized by Malaysia SMECORP.


Chili is the most consumed spice in South East Asia, and you can tell what kind of end product will be produced based on the size and color of the chiles used. Mistakes when sorting the raw materials can result in poor quality and seriously impact the bottom line. Quality control is critical. There is no business success without a consistent, high quality product.


    Huawei was able to help the HEXA IOT team innovate faster, and the ModelArts platform simplified the machine learning process. With ModelArts, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that used to take five seconds now takes less than two. It is not only faster, it is more accurate too. Accuracy was brought up to over 96%.



    The HEXA IOT team introduced AI learning into their production process to help control quality and ensure a consistent product. They connected their IOT system to the ModelArts development platform and then created and trained models with about 1,500 samples. These models were then applied images of the chiles captured by production line cameras, and AI was used to identify and differentiate chiles and other spices based on these images. Other, specialized, cameras were also used to monitor environmental qualities like the temperature in the room. This data was monitored and alarms can be configured where appropriate. The ModelArts models helped improve product quality and, by automating the materials sorting process, increased productivity too.

    Applying AI to chili preparation helped eliminate waste resulting from human error when preparing materials or from inappropriate conditions during the production process.