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About Africawide

Africawide is a firm rooted in Africa. They have more than 10 years of experience in taking solutions from Africa to the world. They provide consulting services and offer flexible fintech, and green technology solutions tailored to customer needs, but their core offering is their people. Africawide is powered by talented individuals working together in a dynamic hub to create solutions that scale and make a lasting impact. In 2018 alone, Africawide achieved an annual revenue of close to 1 billion ZAR. 


Africawide was using 100 VMs from VMware, but the excess ratio was as high as 1:5 or even 1:6. The hosting was creating problems too as it was taking 7 minutes, or sometimes even longer, to open the Africawide website. All the Africawide servers were purchased as early in 2013. Any warranties they may have had before had expired. 


    After multiple rounds of discussion, Africawide decided to use a combination of Cloud Container Engine (CCE), Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Elastic Load Balance (ELB) from HUAWEI CLOUD. With these powerful cloud services in hand, Africa quickly migrated their businesses from the old servers to a new cloud platform, which was more cost effective and provided better elasticity and reliability than traditional hosting services.

     The Application Performance Management (APM) and Application Operation Management (AOM) were used to monitor and track applications, so Africawide could quickly discover and diagnose failures if they occurred.

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    HUAWEI CLOUD services provide the high-performance elastic scaling that Africawide needed and the pay-per-use model ensured they only needed to pay for what they used. Container services allow for more efficient usage than traditional hosting or VM-based solutions. Where a VM might take several minutes to deploy, a container only takes 10 - 20 seconds. Additionally, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a unified management and O&M system, enterprise-class support, and training plans. The 24/7 online service and dedicated service managers are always available to provide immediate support to customers with urgent needs.


    The rapid deployment and scalability offered by CCEs and ECSs ensured that the website would always open fast and moving between pages would be easy. Africawide users are no longer frustrated by a slow, clunky website.

    Dedicated support from professional experts makes it easier to drive business success at every stage of development, and robust warranty services means Africawide no longer has to worry about aging equipment, but can instead stay focused on growing their business.