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Customer Background

7-Network was founded by a team of IT enthusiast, aimed to deliver quality IT products and services to customers. Established in 1991 as a partnership company, and as business grew, they were incorporated as a private limited company in 1994. With the steady growth over the years, and as they learned and gained the experience needed to build a strong partnership with their customers, 7-Network is now a matured and experienced provider of IT based in Singapore.


“COVID-19 presents unique challenges for SMEs to maintain business continuity. Small business owners are short of ready-to-use digital tools to address employee management issues or other unique workflow needs. Some digital solutions in the market are either too complicated, or not customized for SMEs. As a member of them, I truly believe it’s our civic duty to rise to the challenge and launch this COVID-19 management site free-of-charge to help other Singaporean SMEs through the pandemic.” said Jin Chong, Managing Director of 7-Network.

“We believe it’s more than vital to support local SMEs in continuing business operations through our cloud leadership during this challenging time, as part of our long-term commitment to the Singaporean society. The convergence of Cloud, AI and 5G will help us stay connected, make us stronger and more resilient in the face of unprecedented challenges.” said Nicholas Ma, CEO of Huawei International.

    HUAWEI CLOUD Solution

    To meet the growing demand from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage visitor/employee’s temperature and illness reporting amid the developing COVID-19 pandemic, Singaporean enterprise solutions company 7-Network, in conjunction with HUAWEI CLOUD, is offering its flagship codeless development platform, JET Workflow, free-of-charge to local SMEs, to help them automate and jump-start their business continuity quickly in response to the outbreak.


      The site provides ready-to-use forms for visitor logging and contact tracing where necessary, and systems for employee temperature monitoring and illness reporting. SME users can easily manage their employees who are working from home due to BCP arrangements, Stay-Home Notices or Quarantine Orders. This is made possible through digitalisation, without the traditional reliance on professional developers.