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Ga Mone Pwint (GMP)
Industry Healthcare, Brands, Hospitality, Real Estate, Trading, Retail
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Customer Background

Ga Mone Pwint is one of the leading companies in Myanmar based in Yangon has a strong reputation in the fields of Retail, Trading, Brands, Property & Real Estate, Hospitality and Healthcare. Currently, Ga Mone Pwint is trying to develop both quality and quantity of product as well as services. In 2019, GMP Myanmar honored to achieve 3 Gold Winner Myanmar National Real Estate Awards, Best Healthcare Development Awards and Myanmar Property Awards.


Deploying SAP products on traditional IT infrastructures often entail long build cycles, high costs, complex O&M and protracted upgrade and expansion processes. Each enterprise system has separate software solutions which are not integrated with manufacturing and sales. Business Process are complexity and difficult to control each department. Huawei SAP Cloud solution is able to migrate a wide variety of SAP profiles to the cloud with full assurance.


    1. One-click deployment and backup shorten SAP system builds by 30%.
    2. On-demand purchase reduces the total cost by 60%.
    3. HUAWEI CLOUD is responsible for maintenance on the cloud platform allowing customers to focus on SAP utilization and innovation.
    4. HUAWEI CLOUD allows capacity expansion within minutes.
    5. HUAWEI CLOUD has obtained numerous certifications and provides full-stack security solutions.
    6. Local team support with fast response.



    •An ERP business suite based on the SAP HANA in-memory database, allows you to manage your digital businesses in real time and provides you with personalized user experience through SAP Fiori.

    •With its diverse functions and high flexibility, SAP S/4HANA significantly improves business operations and is customized for enterprises of different scales in each industry.

    •7 times higher processing performance
    •10 times fewer data footprints
    •Related procedures simplified by 4 times
    •1800 times faster business analysis and report generation



      1. Easy Installation using Automatic Script to deploy SAP S/4 HANA within 30 mins, reduces the workload and duration required for deploying SAP S/4 HANA on HUAWEI CLOUD.
      2. Free SAP Monitoring Service 
      3. Easy O&M 
      4. Auto Scaling for SAP
      5. Service Orientation: Both SAP application deployments and O&M are service-based, shortening rollout time by 30% and more.