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Customer Background

Founded in 1997, SKYWORTH Digital is committed to help video service providers and telecom carriers renovating customer access to Internet and video services. With global services and manufacturing networks, the company designs, manufactures, and ships more than 40 million smart terminals worldwide yearly. As a strong innovative solution provider, SKYWORTH Digital has been investing in 5G, VR, and smart home technologies.


SKYWORTH Digital had been using the IDC to host its hundreds of applications prior to 2020. This added not only the effort on hardware lifecycle and system management but also the business risk during fast application delivery. Meanwhile, the growth of business in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe requires running distributed sites on the global network.


    HUAWEI CLOUD provides the world leading container technology, full-stack AI capabilities and versatile connectivity technologies. All of that is helping the customer engineers easily build interactive logics among smart terminals, mobile apps, and online services via various networks. For IDC to Cloud migration, Huawei experts helped the IT team of SKYWORTH Digital work out a thorough change plan with architecture evolution considered. Furthermore, the professional services of HUAWEI CLOUD invite regular operations review, best practices sharing, etc. that make HUAWEI CLOUD truly the best enterprise partner to SKYWORTH Digital.


    Following cloud services and solutions have been adopted by SKYWORTH Digital:

    1. ECS, CCE, RDS, CDN, DNS, SMN, SFS, Anti-DDoS, DES, ELB, VPC, NAT and DRS etc
    2. Cloud Migration Solution, Backup and Archive Solution, IoT Solution and General Security Solution etc.
    3. Support Plan (Enterprise Level)


    HUAWEI CLOUD helps SKYWORTH Digital deploy the whole media applications onto the cloud, facilitating global service coverage. By adopting the micro-service engine of HUAWEI CLOUD the customer engineers successfully evolved the architecture of applications to cloud-native fashion so as to earn perfect leverage between the speed and the quality. With the help of HUAWEI CLOUD, the IT of SKYWORTH Digital has successfully evolved the enterprise infrastructure to dual-stack mode.