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Customer Background

Philippine Dragon Media Network (PDMN) was founded in 2013. Starting as an online news forum tackling issues and events concerning the Chinese Filipino community, PDMN has since then evolved into a multi-platform news media that serves the needs and interests of the community while promoting the integration of local Chinese community into Philippines’ mainstream society. PDMN has earned its reputation among overseas Chinese as the Philippines’ leading Chinese online media company and reliable ‘go-to’ information and service provider, providing readers and partners with business solutions ranging from advertisements to events production, as well as providing readers with credible and valuable information to help them make important decisions.


PDMN’s reader base has been growing year after year, with its system’s inefficiencies becoming increasingly evident over time. Maintaining the old system was not cost efficient, while emerging trends call for greater demand of secure, reliable, and high-speed data-transmission. Being a global media leader means that our networks have to stay ahead of demand, and PDMN urgently needs to improve user experience and reduce IT expenditures.


    • Competitive Advantage: HUAWEI CLOUD offers Dynamic BGP network connections which enable access to extranet flexibility, seamless high-speed access to services on the cloud, and high-performance that gives a competitive advantage.
    • Security and Reliability: HUAWEI CLOUD provides multiple layers of advanced security features to protect servers and guarantee data reliability, ensuring the security of enterprise IT resources and user data.
    • Cost Efficient: HUAWEI CLOUD offers resource package discounts and important savings with increased usage.


    To address the needs of PDMN, HUAWEI CLOUD offered the services of its Dynamic Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which enables quick networking on the cloud, as well the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) which enables flexible, scalable, on-demand service expansion by allowing enterprises to quickly modify computing resources.


      The solutions provided by HUAWEI CLOUD have greatly reduced the IT expenditures of PDMN. But more importantly, it has increased network speed by 50% and improved the server response time from the 600 milliseconds to an optimal 100 milliseconds. With HUAWEI CLOUD, PDMN can now focus on developing its services, exploring new businesses, putting our focus back on the readers we aim to serve and fulfilling our mission to be the most credible and reliable Chinese online media in the Philippines.