Overdrive is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company in Asia that connects people and things, such as vehicles, facilities, and other assets into a mesh network to offer real-time data on a cloud platform. Their unique open architecture is able to ingest both in-house and partnered intelligence modules together and with an ability to tweak device-level firmware and connectivity, making their platform highly robust and scalable. In the past 6 years, Overdrive empowered hundreds of clients to connect and use IoT as a means to improve management efficiency, including FedEx, SMRT, and Tong Tar Transport.

Overdrive IoT with HUAWEI CLOUD Solution


Overdrive established partnerships with several companies, but most have gone nowhere. Overdrive found it challenging to validate partners and customers, and to identify the factors that can accelerate business success. Overdrive had to understand the true driver of the companies, and seek the best fit where Overdrive and these companies can grow together. Overdrive urgently needed to improve its processes to get partners and customers on board faster and more effectively.


Overdrive deployed its core platform on HUAWEI CLOUD, allowing users to access dashboards, reports, and applications. The platform integrated third-party APIs to provide real-time data flow. Through HUAWEI CLOUD, Overdrive has expanded its services to diverse lines of businesses and industries, driving growth and enhancing customer experience.


Huawei providing Overdrive with solid turnaround support and highly secured cloud services in most of their projects, seamlessly integrated with Overdrive’s products, making deployment quick and easy.

With affordable and sustainable price points that worked well with Overdrive’s business models, HUAWEI CLOUD provide great competitive advantages to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

On top of providing cloud solutions, Huawei has made use of their reach to introduce potential partners that could come on board on Overdrive’s platform, allowing them to provide Huawei’s solutions to their customers as well.