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Customer Background

Aladdin Ecommerce is poised to be the world’s first and only high-tech brick and click retailer. It focuses on providing offline and online tech-enabled premium quality and Halalan Toyyiban compliant products and services for consumers worldwide.

Its comprehensive multi-channel retail business model caters to the Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumers (B2C), and Online to Offline, (O2O) community via a chain of high-tech brick and click retail stores, spanning across 45 countries worldwide covering a population of approximately 5 billion potential consumers. 

Aladdin will continue to develop its platform and operate at the forefront of technology with plans of integrating artificial intelligence (AI), big data, social listening, and blockchain in its pipeline. In addition, the adoption of headless and API-driven eCommerce solutions like IoT and PWAs is also in its plans to enhance the UI/UX experience for its shoppers.


eCommerce businesses have been evolving over the years and will continue to evolve in face of the change in shopping behavior during the global COVID19 pandemic. To meet the ever-shifting consumer demands, Aladdin needs to ensure that its aEcommerce platform continues to harness, leverage on emerging technologies and remain scalable, efficient, and secured as it deploys its complex retail business models, including omnichannel retail marketing and blockchain, and at the same time, increase IT expenditure efficiency and discover new global revenue streams.

With the integration of AI, big data, and social listening, Aladdin requires the storage of a massive amount of data and an infrastructure that can facilitate Aladdin’s cross-border eCommerce platform.


    One-stop, cloud-based e-commerce solution: HUAWEI CLOUD provides an end-to-end solution comprising basic and advanced services that help enterprises rapidly roll out e-commerce platforms and manage resources. Its cloud service enables Aladdin to build according to needs, resulting in stable, reliable, and sustainable cloud services to help Aladdin grow and expand.

    High performance & reliability: Compute resources can be scaled up or down so that services meet in-the-moment requirements.

    Data storage: Cost-effective and easily manageable storage for massive amounts of data. OBS allows enterprises to easily manage and store up to 5 TB of data.

    Robust security protections: A fully vetted security architecture that protects applications and data, such as, VSS, Anti-DDoS, and WAF.

    eCommerce cross-border trade: Enables enterprises to quickly build an e-commerce platform that facilitates cross-border trade and allows seamless interworking with multiple systems, including customs, logistics, and payment systems.

    Big Data service: The intelligent data solution provides big data integration, storage, search, and analysis as well as AI, for the purpose of quickly process massive sets of data, and helps Aladdin capture opportunities and discover risks by analyzing and mining data in a real-time or non-real-time manner;

    Blockchain service: Provide Blockchain Service (“BCS”) which is a highly available and secure blockchain platform allowing Aladdin to conveniently create, deploy, and manage applications with the superb performance and cost-effectiveness of HUAWEI CLOUD.

    Artificial Intelligence service: Huawei will be able to assist Aladdin to build AI-based clustering and interpreting of consumer data paired with profile information and demographics, which the AI-based systems will continually adapt to Aladdin’s customer preference and react with new recommendations tailored in real-time.


    After an in-depth discussion with Aladdin, HUAWEI CLOUD recommended ECS and CCE for flexible resource scaling. For applications, HUAWEI CLOUD provides full-stack solutions for microservice, web, mobile, and function applications, helping enterprises accelerate service innovation. Comprehensive security was also deployed, including cloud backup and recovery. Professional anti-DDoS devices defend network applications against DDoS attacks, VSS periodically detects vulnerabilities in cloud servers and notifies personnel to address risks in time and WAF detects exceptions in HTTP requests and prevents web page tampering, information leaks, and malicious attacks. ECS was also recommended to provide scalable, on-demand cloud servers and computing resources for cross-border eCommerce module. HUAWEI CLOUD also provides Big Data, Blockchain, and AI services to Aladdin. These services improve the Aladdin aEcommerce platform tremendously.


      During promotion and sales, the number of visits could increase by a hundred times,. The server can be overloaded causing the system to respond slowly, and the e-commerce platform could break down. HUAWEI CLOUD’s ELB automatically distributes incoming traffic and supports 100 million concurrent connections. ECS and RDS feature preset scaling policies to handle traffic surges during large-scale promotions and flash sales, ensuring service stability. HUAWEI CLOUD computes resources that can be scaled up or down so that services meet in-the-moment requirements, which in turn reduces server expenditures by approximately 20%.

      HUAWEI CLOUD OBS functions as a resource pool to store the data, separating static and dynamic content and interworks with CDN to improve content loading speed and deliver an enhanced user experience for shoppers on Aladdin’s platform.

      As Aladdin strives forth to expand its platform in 45 countries, HUAWEI CLOUD eCommerce Cross-Border solution has enabled Aladdin to deploy multiple systems worldwide with ease and ensured accelerated service roll-out.

      Its blockchain service is highly reliable and secured, allowing Aladdin to conveniently create, deploy and manage its blockchain at a lower development and deployment cost.