Huawei Cloud x Bank Neo Commerce (BNC)

Why Huawei Cloud?

Rapidly Evolving Products

Huawei's full-stack, ready-to-use cloud services support BNC's fast iteration and improve the user experience. New functions are now released in just days, not months. Huawei Cloud ECSs scale in seconds to handle traffic surges under high concurrency.

Open Source Framework for Building a Diversified Ecosystem

Huawei Cloud's open source architecture and flexible deployment help BNC integrate partner services and products onto its own platform, thereby building up its own ecosystem. This portable open source architecture easily connects to partners, giving users access to more financial services in one app.

Security Support and Global Footprint

With over 130 security certifications, Huawei Cloud has helped BNC meet strict financial compliance requirements in Indonesia. Huawei Cloud's global resources pave the way for BNC's global expansion.

Huawei Cloud Stack

Huawei Cloud Stack being used to establish an on-premises cloud platform, which automated deployment of diverse services for fast service rollout , meanwhile, centralized, efficient O&M frees up experts to focus on service innovation.


1. Rapid growth that strains operations

  • The market served by BNC is the country with the largest population in Southeast Asia. 275 million people in Indonesia become a great user base for BNC. Especially after the launch of the great mobile banking app neobank, the number of users of Bank Neo Commerce has increased rapidly to 23 million, and the transaction demand has also increased significantly. However, traffic bursts and frequent transactions stress O&M. Externally, the competitive financial services market demands BNC to accelerate iterations and innovate quickly to seize opportunities.
  • To grow financial businesses, BNC need to leverage cloud computing to quickly provision and elastically scale resources; With the traditional approach, application iteration took months; VMs, physical machines, and networks had to be managed and maintained on different GUIs, which was labor-intensive work.


2. Quick integration of partner capabilities to implement the multi-ecosystem strategy

  • BNC's multi-ecosystem strategy relies on integrating financial partners to offer users more services. They need an adaptable architecture that allows them to deploy partners' capabilities and products quickly.


3. Compliance with local regulations for global expansion

  • Regulators, besides those in Indonesia, have imposed stricter requirements on digital banking services like BNC. To expand globally while staying compliant, BNC requires experienced partners. In addition to meeting current security requirements, they need support adapting to different regulations.


    1. 1. A variety of out-of-the-box cloud services, such as ECS, CSS, and NAT Gateway, are automatically provisioned. Resources are managed on a unified platform. They can be monitored properly and provisioned in a balanced manner. For example, resources of inactive services can be allocated to active services in peak hours, and resources can be quickly allocated to new service modules. Cloud resources can be elastically scaled to handle traffic bursts caused by concurrent tasks.

    1. 2. Standard/Open APIs, easy to connect to and manage, are used for quick provisioning of upper-layer service resources.

    1. 3. KooVerse, the unified global cloud infrastructure of Huawei Cloud, has resources in place in traffic hubs to allow access to the cloud in 50 ms around the world. Over 130 security compliance certifications entitle Huawei Cloud to help BNC meet financial compliance requirements in Indonesia.

    1. 4. Huawei Cloud Stack being used to establish an on-premises cloud platform. The first phase of the cloud platform provided over 20 IaaS cloud services and applications were moved over from the original virtualization platform. The new platform supports expansion of more cloud services. It also provided a wide range of open northbound APIs.

Customer Benefits


10-fold Increase in Digital Banking Users

Running on Huawei Cloud, BNC witnesses a 10-fold increase in digital banking users to 23 million, who now enjoy seamless, convenient service experience. BNC can more quickly adapt to the market and shorten product iteration times from months to days through agile product configurations on Huawei Cloud. The faster product iterations allow BNC to respond more promptly to changes in the market.

24/7 O&M and Requirement Support

With a professional centralized O&M solution in place, BNC enjoyed 24/7 O&M and requirement support. Passive support was transformed into proactive operations.