Powerful and stable basic services

Efficient technical support

Customer-centric service


Infrastructure O&M costs need to be reduced and IT resources need to be more scalable.


In the cloud architecture of the SAP solution, systems on the cloud are divided into different subnets and security groups based on enterprise security practices.

  • DMZ
  • The DMZ is connected to the Internet, with the lowest security level and highest security risks.

  • Application Zone
  • ERP applications are deployed in this zone, whose security level is higher than that of the DMZ.

  • Database zone
  • The ERP database is deployed in this zone, which can only be accessed by the intranet application zone and management zone and has the highest security level.

  • Security Protection
  • Huawei Cloud provides different cloud security products that fit your workloads, including Host Security Service (HSS), Anti-DDoS, and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

  • Backup
  • Cloud backup and storage services, such as Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) and Object Storage Service (OBS), meet the backup requirements of operating systems, file systems, and core data based on different enterprise backup policies.

Customer Benefits


Analysis reports on Huawei Cloud and on-premises resources are generated to help the customer reduce TCO.

The working efficiency of employees has been boosted.

Access to the company's website and internal system has been significantly accelerated.

IT resources are scalable to accommodate the customer's growing business.