Huawei Cloud x ChainUp



Huawei Cloud has maintained a strong relationship with the customer.

Competitive pricing

After thoroughly analyzing the customer's requirements, Huawei Cloud has proposed a pricing solution that offers the best fit.


ChainUp has multiple business application teams, covering the trading platform (including SaaS and private services), stacking node service, Know Your Transaction (KYT) solution, mining service, wallet solution, liquidity solution, and NFT marketplace. The biggest pain point for the customer lies in service pricing, which is higher than the industry average.


  • CCE+GaussDB+EIP+OBS+Message & SMS for containerized applications
  • Huawei Cloud is one of world's first Kubernetes Certified Service Providers (KCSPs), and is also the first in China to engage in the Kubernetes community. As a continuous contributor, Huawei Cloud has marked its presence in the container ecosystem. It is also a founder and platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). CCE is one of the first Certified Kubernetes offerings in the world.

    Most of ChainUp's offerings, such as the trading platform, NFT marketplace, and liquidity solution, are containerized applications. We are popularizing CCE Turbo for container deployment at scale. CCE Turbo clusters feature accelerated computing, networking, and scheduling for faster deployment and higher performance of containerized applications.

    ChainUp uses Huawei Cloud's high-performance GaussDB, stable EIP, and OBS for its containerized workloads.

    Huawei Cloud also provides the Message & SMS service for the OTP and notification workloads of ChainUp. The Message & SMS service offers competitive pricing and can be used by customers worldwide regardless of the carrier the customer uses. The ChainUp application team is satisfied with the cost-effectiveness and wide compatibility of the Message & SMS service.

  • ECS (GPU-accelerated and large-memory series) + EIP for stacking nodes
  • One of ChainUp's solution offerings is stacking nodes as a service. These stacking nodes require ECSs with a large memory and large number of GPUs, multi-country coverage of AZs, and high-speed Internet connections.

    The different flavors of Huawei Cloud ECS, which are offered in 29 Regions worldwide, can meet ChainUp's requirement for stacking nodes. The high-speed and stable Internet connectivity provided by Huawei Cloud EIPs encouraged ChainUp to build their stacking node pools with Huawei Cloud.


• Agile

Huawei Cloud ECS improves the speed of spinning up and synchronizing a new node by 10%.

• Cost-effective

Huawei Cloud has helped the customer reduce the total costs by 20%.