China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is the second-largest GSM mobile service provider in Pakistan. It provides 46 million subscribers with wide network coverage, voice and data services, and diverse tariff packages.


The fast-growing communications market drove CMPak to accelerate their digital transformation. They sought to establish a unified data platform to remove data silos, centralize management, and monetize data.

In the context of fierce market competition CMPak struggled to increase market shares. They looked for a partner to innovate and establish an intelligent platform together, so they could optimize operations, improve cost-effectiveness, and gain better profits.

CMPak grew traditional businesses slowly. They needed to maintain their competitive edge by developing emerging businesses like B2C and international businesses.


CMPak leveraged Huawei Cloud Stack, which served as a cloud foundation, and advanced services, including DataArts Studio, GaussDB(DWS), and MRS, to establish a unified data platform. The platform helped them break down data silos and optimize operations, and thus, their customer stickiness and customer experience were improved.

  • Secure, reliable, and ever-evolving

    • MRS Flink, a stream processing engine, was used to establish a risk analysis mechanism that could update rules in real time, intelligently identify abnormal calls, and prevent call fraud.

    • MRS + DataArts Studio was used to develop applications for use cases such as LEA (CDR compliance check), RA (revenue assurance), and Grey Traffic (abnormal traffic monitoring), PMS(Performance Management System). The database could be updated in minutes or hours to block fraud calls and spam messages in real time, which improved user experience.

  • Tailored to the government governance structure

    GaussDB(DWS) was used to migrate data from Teradata. It has helped CMPak improve the performance for querying reports and service tickets by 30% with better optimized TCO.

  • Open architecture for ROI maximization

    Huawei DataArts Studio integrated data from the Business, Operation, and Management domains plus third-party data. It provided drag-and-drop orchestration to enable efficient data integration and development. The new data governance process was over 7 times faster than the traditional one.

  • The query performance of GaussDB(DWS) was currently 30% higher than existing one. All of CMPak's legacy data was gradually migrated to GaussDB(DWS). TCO was reduced significantly.


  • MRS helped CMPak intelligently identify abnormal traffic, avoid fraud calls, and block spam messages, which improved user experience and stickiness.

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