About CTM

Established in October 1981,CTM is the first and only local cloud service provider in Macao SAR. Since there was no local public cloud, enterprises had to access the nearest public cloud deployed in Hong Kong, which poses compliance risks. As such, CTM was committed to setting up the first local public cloud.


The cloud platform needs to provide a wide range of ever-evolving advanced cloud services, innovating applications for diverse sectors.

The cloud platform must be secure enough to run mission-critical applications of CTM and industry applications.

CTM needed multi-cloud management capabilities to provide comprehensive multi-cloud deployment solutions.

Simplified O&M and flexible scale-out are required for coping with CTM innovation development in smart applications.

Why Huawei Cloud Stack?

CTM cloud develops five categories of innovative industry applications based on Huawei Cloud Stack's advanced services and offers more than 20 local cloud services.

  • One-stop multi-cloud management

    A one-stop multi-cloud management platform enables CTM to provide comprehensive cross-cloud deployment solutions tailored to customers in different industries.

  • Extensive cloud services to innovate applications

    Cloud native platform powered by Cloud Container Engine (CCE) helped CTM develop industry applications with agility;

    Professional remote O&M and assisted operations services help CTM focusing on business innovation.

  • Secure migration of core data to cloud

    GaussDB database, which has earned CC EAL4+ certification, was used to store core data from the BOM domain and industry customers. Security of both tenants and the platform is protected by Host Security Service (HSS), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and so on.

Huawei Cloud Stack Helps Customers Progress from Cloud Migration to a Dive into Cloud and Thrive with Digital

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