In most universities, scattered data with non-unified standards and different sources makes it difficult to evaluate teacher performance.

Huawei Cloud Stack Built a Digital Platform for SEU to Integrate Its Compute, Storage, and Network Resources

The digital platform delivers data integration, data enablement, and application enablement, as well as powerful AI-based cloud services such as IoT, Big Data, and video cloud. It helped SEU build a smart campus architecture with a unified network, cloud, and portal, where data from all IoT devices and business systems can be centrally aggregated and managed throughout its lifecycle.

Unified data standards

Huawei built an operational data store (ODS) layer in the data warehouse to store heterogeneous data for SEU using unified standards. An upper-level layer processes and integrates the data from the ODS layer, removing duplicate data and identifying authoritative data sources to create models that match diverse themes of the university. Finally, on the application data service layer, data is further processed into applications or services, for example, data dashboards and student profiles, for data sharing.

Open Data Platform

Different systems of the university acquire standardized data by calling APIs based on their needs. This API-based method offers unified standards, unified data cleaning, and unified storage to enable system synergy and full-lifecycle data management, and ensure data security.

Customer Benefits

  • SEU, working with Huawei, used the digital platform to create algorithms based on business logic and analyzed an enormous amount of data to set up KPIs for teaching, learning, and research quality assurance.

  • With comprehensive, ubiquitous, perceptible data collection, integration, modeling, and sharing, Huawei helped SEU build a digital brain consisting of diverse smart business systems and decision-making systems for digitalization of all kinds of school services.