In Brief

Ebdaa Digital Technology (Ebdaadt), a leading e-commerce company in Qatar, is dedicated to web application and website development services. The company hosts a massive number of applications, including Mzad, one of the major e-commerce applications in the region. In response to ever-changing consumer demands, the e-commerce platform of Mzad needed to remain scalable, efficient, and secure. Using advanced technologies, Huawei Cloud offered Ebdaadt better-performing infrastructure and a network latency of less than 100 ms, and helped reduce the hosting costs by more than 50%. Huawei Cloud also provided solid customer support that allowed Ebdaadt to expand its product portfolio and launch its applications efficiently.

In Detail

Accelerating digitization makes the infrastructure capable of handling traffic surges — a must-have for e-commerce companies — as it enhances user experience and subsequently increases revenue streams. Cloud service providers play an important role in the expansion and progress of such e-commerce companies. However, the former cloud service provider of Ebdaadt failed to offer satisfactory customer support and the platform was haunted by low performance and frequent lagging. As a result, the revenue generated by Mzad was below expectations despite being one of the major e-commerce applications in the region.

After conducting a thorough assessment, Huawei Cloud helped Ebdaadt optimize its infrastructure design to achieve lower costs and network latency. Another key point in ensuring success was Huawei's dedicated local support. The direct support from the Huawei local office, as well as prompt online support, enabled the technical team of Ebdaadt to upgrade its hosting environment and launch more applications.

Huawei's Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) runs on next-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which unlock powerful and reliable computing. The 25GE high-speed intelligent NICs of the ECS provide the ultra-high network bandwidth and PPS needed for application hosting. Huawei Cloud's Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL propels application performance to new heights. Huawei-enhanced MySQL kernel (HWSQL) boosts connection pool performance by 3 times in high-concurrency scenarios. Behind the performance improvement is the multithreaded pool and transaction-level multithreaded replication that reduces latency. Primary/standby switchover within seconds is also supported. The backup feature of RDS eliminates the need for having to purchase another service for backup logs of databases.

All these benefits would be impossible without KooVerse, the premium global network of Huawei Cloud that delivers a network latency 40% lower than that of Ebdaadt's former cloud service provider.

All of these factors combined have helped Ebdaadt's e-commerce business thrive. Websites and mobile applications can be loaded within 1 second, which is 50% faster than before. An enhanced user experience of Mzad at a lower cost has contributed to a significant increase of revenue streams. A 23% increase in monthly subscription has paved the way for further business success of the e-commerce company.

Running on Huawei Cloud KooVerse and powered by RDS for MySQL and HWSQL, Mzad will provide spectacular services for more than 2 million Qatari citizens and continue leading the local market.

Looking forward, Ebdaadt plans to expand its product portfolio while bringing the e-commerce community in Qatar closer to Huawei Cloud, as this joint collaboration has showcased the significance of having the customer-centric Huawei Cloud as a cloud service provider.