• HUAWEI CLOUD focuses on the ultra-high computing power of cloud scenarios.

  • HUAWEI CLOUD's AI inference capabilities are more efficient and lower cost

  • HUAWEI CLOUD offers hybrid cloud architecture to meet customer-specific security and compliance requirements. it also solves the low-latency limited requirements of some business scenarios.

FIT Academy

FIT Academy is a full service training facility that provides public and corporate trainings, IT certifications, e-learning, and academic partnership programs. The company is the first to bring the best of breed IT practices and technologies to clients with a portfolio that encompasses the top IT solutions globally. FIT Academy is currently serving around 100 schools and universities all over Philippines for SAP Business One courses with its 15 years of expertise in courseware development, delivery, and management, bringing the best of breed IT solutions to make their curricula future-ready.


  • HUAWEI CLOUD is the ideal partner for FIT Academy because of their affordable yet high-quality cloud services.

  • HUAWEI CLOUD services feature flexible scaling, ease of use, high security and reliability, high performance, and on-demand use.

  • HUAWEI CLOUD has a long-standing partnership with SAP in bringing the best solutions to businesses and supporting IT education.


The pandemic has highlighted the need to be flexible not only in working arrangements but also in the delivery of education. The traditional deployment on premise cost too much, so FIT Academy was eager to move their system to the cloud to reduce costs, and to improve security and reliability. With the rapid paradigm shift in education, FIT Academy needed to evolve and adapt to these challenges and bring their courseware and solutions outside the confines of the traditional classroom. The cloud can help them realize the transformation.


1. HUAWEI CLOUD offers a cost-effective management platform for SAP Business One that is applicable to SMEs or large enterprises with branches. The platform can be flexibly scaled and is easy to maintain.

2. HUAWEI CLOUD's security system provides comprehensive protection for tenants, infrastructure, and O&M.

3. HUAWEI CLOUD offers high-performance and reliable services, including Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Server (EVS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), NAT Gateway, Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR), and Anti-DDoS, to build up the SAP B1 environment.


Aside from remote delivery of courseware, being on the Huawei platform allows FIT Academy to reduce client shouldered costs incurred by hardware upgrade and installation, and to accelerate deployment and real-time issue resolution. FIT Academy started from the typical on-premise deployment, where its courseware and systems were delivered in a traditional classroom setting. Now the company is on track to pursue borderless education and make all its offerings available on the cloud, more affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.