Himalaya Airlines

The cooperation with HUAWEI CLOUD would speed up the digital transformation and informatization of Himalaya Airlines, and optimize the ticketing and travelling experience for global travellers. Himalaya Airlines (H9), an international air carrier based in Nepal, aims to excel in safety, on-time performance (OTP) and most primarily, friendly services to its customers. H9 has already established itself in Nepal with high recognition. Starting with one aircraft and one destination, the Airlines has quickly moved its way to four aircraft and 7 destinations in a short span. Himalaya Airlines owns a young fleet of four narrow body aircraft and is gearing up for high altitude operations.


  • Himalaya Airlines wants to introduce customer-friendly applications to collect customer feedback and continuously improves their systems for faster response and better customer experience. Currently, the Airlines cannot correctly predict the service traffic and what makes it worse is that when the traffic volume peaks, they are unable to swiftly expand to meet the spiking requirements.

  • The Airlines do not have a backup solution for local storage, so they extremely requires one to safeguard against IT outages and maintain 24/7 availability.

  • Himalaya Airlines needs to allow fast access from worldwide, while their locally hosted or maintained servers requires up-to-date security. The local O&M requires dedicated labs, professional teams, expertise with extensive knowledge, which is not only expensive but also need long-term heavy investment.


Originated from a telecommunication service provider, HUAWEI CLOUD has a gene to provide services with high reliability and availability, including best-in-class database, application gateway, logging services, a backup solution for local storage on physical drives, and an e-commerce platform for Himalaya Airlines. The platform provides the most popular Open API in Restful style, which allows developers to deploy these flexible applications with less time and operations.

Active contributors from all over the world provide new features/enhancements so Himalaya Airlines can adopt advanced technology promptly and keep the techniques up-to-date efficiently. Automated business notification in the system can reduce the communication costs and improve the work efficiency.

HUAWEI CLOUD can provide highly scalable cloud services to cope with sudden traffic peaks and they also have mature processes to guarantee the service quality. Their local Nepal team offers full support whenever any problem arises.


In cooperation with Yonyou, HUWAEI CLOUD provided cloud hosts for U8 ERP in Himalaya Airlines to manage their business. HUAWEI CLOUD has helped Himalaya Airlines to fulfill a digital change by building the cloud platform for the company’s sales and finance system, setting up a business intelligent system, and pushing ahead the upgrading and renovation of existing ICT equipment.


The deployment takes just weeks or even days. With Yonyou ERP system running on HUAWEI CLOUD, Himalaya Airlines can rapidly execute enterprise applications without affecting daily business processing.

Customer Testimonials

"We believe the cooperation with Huawei would speed up the digital transformation and informatization of the company, optimize the ticketing and travelling experience for our customers. We hope that through the joint efforts of both parties, strategic cooperation results would be produced under the Belt and Road Initiative, creating a smart aerial silk road and this would contribute to the overall development of the entire civil aviation industry of Nepal." - Mr. Zhou Enyong, President of Himalaya Airlines