Powerful Computing Platform & Easy-to-use Development

HUAWEI CLOUD provides a powerful computing platform and easy-to-use development platform, backed by Huawei's full-stack, all-scenario AI strategy.

Secure, Reliable & Sustainable Cloud Services

HUAWEI CLOUD provides secure, reliable, and sustainable cloud services that allow iFREE GROUP to get what they need at an affordable price as well as to efficiently utilize cutting-edge technologies.

Cross-border Interconnection Capability

HUAWEI CLOUD's well established CDN nodes and Cloud Connect service, which provides cross-border interconnection capability, help iFREE GROUP quickly expand their TROLLEE solution focus and coverage to different locations inside and outside China during the COVID-19 period.


iFREE GROUP was developing a smart shopping cart platform - TROLLEE, which offers a state-of-the-art smart retail solution by leveraging hybrid edge-cloud computing, IoT, AI, indoor positioning systems, contextual digital advertising and other technologies. iFREE GROUP planned to offer a stable, easy-to-use, cost-effective, secure, and impactful platform to grow profit margins through increased sales, customer loyalty, and new profit centres, while eliminating cost overheads and finding new efficiencies. To achieve this aim, iFREE GROUP would need a powerful hosting platform with full-stack technologies and compatible offerings to support their long-term business development. 



Revolutionising the Supermarket Retail Scene

  • 1.Identify inventory checking on shelf racks to analyse traffic patterns, so that the store planogram can be optimized for faster response to the changing customer needs.

  • 2.Identify whether the goods in trolley baskets are checkout items to detect shoplifting, helping hypermarkets reduce loss. The smart checkout feature delivers checkout experience with no more waiting in queues.

  • 3.Use elastic search and natural language processing (NLP) for smart assistance and recommendation to deliver better shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer Benefits


From the infrastructure perspective, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a wide range of server instances, which support automated scaling of computing resources to build a secure, agile, reliable and cost-effective environment to support iFREE GROUP's core server hosting.

From the network perspective, HUAWEI CLOUD provides well established CDN nodes and Cloud Connect to accelerate the TROLLEE platform coverage both inside and outside China.

From the innovation perspective, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a wide array of edge-cutting technologies, such as the ModelArts one-stop AI development platform and the pre-trained ModelArts Pro suite to support full-lifecycle automation for hypermarkets, from checking the inventory on shelf racks to improving the overall customer satisfaction.