Greater Customer Engagement

AI powered analytics allow FIs to leverage customer insights for hyper-personalized customer engagement through targeted products and services.

Reducing OPEX

Flexible and agile intelligent automation enables banks to lower their operating expenditure by optimizing operational resources.

Enhancing Efficiency

AI-driven digital banking technology with smarter, pre-integrated platforms automates and improves process efficiency.


INFOPRO started in the late 1980s when banks were struggling to convince and introduce customers to the concept of phone systems that responded to voice and touch-tone prompts. Consistent innovation is key to our ever-evolving banking solutions that ensure clients all over the globe keep up and stay compliant with the latest industry technology requirements. We strive to deliver the best, most comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our clients locally and internationally.



HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions + Digital Finance: INFOPRO, Huawei and Alpha Edge powered by TM ONE


  • Out-of-the-box Digital Banking Solutions
  • INFOPRO’s Digibank-in-a-Box is a new generation of out-of-the-box digital banking solutions that allows for the set up and deployment of new banks at unprecedented speeds. The global push for digital banking initiatives also highlights how speed plays a crucial role in the rollout of new digital banks upon granting of licenses, where market share is often won and maintained by first-movers.

  • AI-driven Digital Banking Technology
  • Key differentiator in INFOPRO’s banking solutions is the AI-driven digital banking technology that allows FIs to leverage customer insights, data analysis, AI, automation, and cloud technologies. A centralized AI engine powers banking solutions with intelligent processes, bringing significant insights and efficiencies that would otherwise be unattainable manually. Machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies embedded in the solutions help banks acquire superior process and decisioning efficiency. Human errors are reduced and turnaround times are significantly improved. AI technology also provides intelligence in terms of business and customer insights. To customers, these efficiencies lead to better user experience.

  • Flexible and Modular Banking Components
  • Flexible and modular banking components allow financial institutions (FIs) to develop new products rapidly and launch quickly. The flexibility of the digital banking solution enables it to cater to banks as well as non-bank FIs regardless of size. In addition to being scalable, it is deployable on any public and private cloud. INFOPRO and Huawei Cloud Solutions are in strategic partnership to provide a secure, stable, and scalable cloud banking solution to clients globally.

Customer Benefits


Agile & DevOps

A robust platform ensures rapid deployment of new products and service for exceptionally shorter time-to-market.


Robust integration for omni-channel digital through APIs enables innovative product offerings.

AI & Data Analytics

Superior process and decision-making efficiency are powered by Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP.

Flexible Product Factory

New products are built easily with the extensive library of pre-configured templates