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MeOne entered the ASEAN market in 2018 by providing value-added products and easy online entrepreneurship, and they have evolved into a provider of a brand new model for live e-commerce. MeOne empowers hosts with streaming services and many of the hottest products. Shoppers can buy what they see on the screen in real time. The platform makes shopping fun.


MeOne operates throughout Southeast Asia, where they are dedicated to offering cost-effective supplies and a novel model of entrepreneurship. One of MeOne's main advantages is in the integration of cross-border supply chains, but they still were not seeing major breakthroughs locally. Travel restrictions amid the ongoing pandemic are making it harder to expand business locally in Southeast Asia.


    • High-quality tech support: HUAWEI CLOUD has provided MeOne with reliable technical support. They sent in technical staff to support onsite setup and helped guide the MeOne team on how to do the work.
    • Rapid response to problems: HUAWEI CLOUD has been quick to respond to and efficiently resolve problems that the MeOne team encountered. 
    • Cost-effective support: HUAWEI CLOUD is the best fit for startups as it offers high-quality services at a more reasonable price than other cloud service providers.


    HUAWEI CLOUD provides MeOne with Relational Database Service (RDS), a reliable and scalable cloud database service; and MapReduce Service (MRS), enterprise-level big data clusters which MeOne uses to analyze data and transform it into viable information that aids decision-making. HUAWEI CLOUD experts provided MeOne with comprehensive migration plans and spared the time to be on site personally to oversee the migration process.


      HUAWEI CLOUD services delivered a higher performance for a lower price and reduced IT expenditures by approximately 50%. With the Relational Database Service, MeOne has established a more reliable system and the data access speed has increased by 30%, which will help MeOne expand their business into markets with poor internet support, like the ASEAN market. MeOne users get to experience a smoother app.