HUAWEI CLOUD and Qin Render Cloud

Leading the Cloud Rendering Industry into the Public Cloud Era

With the massive cloud resources of HUAWEI CLOUD, Qin Render Cloud improves the resource layout, rendering scale, and rendering efficiency. Time-consuming and costly rendering services for massive content is now placed well within budgets while delivering ultimate UX.

Business Benefits for Qin Render Cloud

  • Rapid Elasticity

    The scalable compute, storage, and bandwidth provided by HUAWEI CLOUD make it possible to coordinate 2,000 servers in less than a day. With dynamic cluster scheduling, massive resources can be scheduled in less than a second.

  • Global Technical Support

    HUAWEI CLOUD's cross-carrier global network architecture provides robust technical support for Qin Render's international expansion of cloud services.

  • Per-Second Billing and Real-Time Monitoring of Costs

    On-demand charging in one second increments ensures there is no wasted overhead when a large number of VMs are needed. The Qin Render Cloud platform can see the money saved after each rendering job is finished.

  • Cloud Rendering-Centric CGI Ecosystem

    Qin Render Cloud is building an industry chain for Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) special effects production. They are expanding the industry chain into an ecosystem that provides comprehensive, multi-dimensional services. The cloud is the best choice.

"We have conducted a very focused examination of HUAWEI CLOUD. Currently, we are the only enterprise in China that has put all of our production environments on the public cloud for rendering."

——Meng Xiaoming

Qin Render Cloud Owner

HUAWEI CLOUD Products Used by Qin Render Cloud


Object Storage Service (OBS) provides you easy-to-use cloud storage that is stable, secure, and efficient. With the Representational State Transfer (REST) API, OBS can store any amount or form of unstructured data.

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Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides you with scalable, on-demand compute resources for secure, flexible, and efficient applications.

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Solution Architecture

The AI digital content rendering solution is powered by cloud computing and big data technologies. Object Storage Service (OBS) on HUAWEI CLOUD adopts advanced technology to improve the upload bandwidth utilization rate to 95% or more for Qin Render Cloud – 300% higher than that was previously possible. A great number of computing resources are required to reproduce the historical scenes and likenesses of the items ranging from bronze lamps from the Han Dynasty to the colored pottery of the Yangshao Culture. With the auto scaling capabilities of HUAWEI CLOUD, Qin Render Cloud can schedule tens of thousands of cloud servers across the country and even across the globe, minimizing the usage cost and improving the CPU usage. Classic culture is being revived with the support of modern technologies.