The long-term development of the digital loan service will fully mobilize other digital services of Digital Banking, and improve the activeness and loyalty of digital users. It represents a major stride towards their goal of attaining 200 million digital users. SCB chose Huawei Cloud because of its:

Scalable Resources

The Huawei Cloud solution allow the bank to optimize cost, resources can be scaled in or out dynamically as traffic fluctuates between peak and off-peak hours. For example, during CoinUp marketing events, more resources are needed than usual. With Huawei Cloud, SCB can quickly scale out containers when an event starts and release them once the event ends.

High Performance

The container network is flattened to a single layer, which reduces network latency and greatly improves concurrency performance.

Low Latency

Cloud services are locally deployed in the Thailand Region so that users can access the services within 0.1s.

Professional Services

Additionally, Huawei Cloud provides expert services to familiarize partners with the services on Huawei Cloud.


The pandemic introduces new challenges causing banks to build innovative ways to offer loan to customers. The bank also needed to upgrade its system for inclusive loan financing. Against this backdrop, digitalizing the loan service became critical to driving business growth. SCB has been exploring a new digital finance ecosystem, where diverse services such as food & beverage and healthcare are available. The goal is to attain 200 million digital users by 2026.


  • Huawei Cloud's partner Sunline, a leading banking software and technology services company in China, developed digital loan applications based on Huawei Cloud's Digital Banking for SCB.

  • SCB's Digital Banking solution is built on a cloud native foundation fuelled by the advanced PaaS of Huawei Cloud, which consists of containers, distributed databases, and distributed messaging, etc. With Cloud Native Application Enablement, Huawei Cloud provides full-stack cloud native capabilities to support agile applications, business intelligence, secure and trustworthy services, and continuous evolution that could address SCB's pain points and business challenges.

  • Huawei Cloud has provided solutions tailored to multiple core services of SCB.

Customer Benefits

Only six months after the digital loan service was launched, SCB acquired 250,000 new digital users, with loans worth THB1,200 million issued. The business growth has been accelerated with the digital loan service. Highlights of the solution include:


Security and Compliance

Huawei Cloud provides various security services and permissions management methods to build a set of landing zones that meet government PDPA requirements and BOT regulations.

Real-time Processing

Cloud native infrastructure delivers high concurrency, elastic resources, and efficient resource utilization.

Premium User Experience

The transaction performance is two times that of traditional loan services. In addition, the time for loan application approval has been significantly shortened from weeks to minutes.