Stable Cloud Services

Secure and Sustainable

Fixed Monthly Subscription Fees for Easier Cost Control


Food & Beverage (F&B) operators deal with a massive number of daily transactions. Their workloads fluctuate as customer visits vary. Growing system usage and daily transactions make a stable and secure cloud an absolute must-have for the business system. With the rapid development of POS technology, F&B operators are looking to digitalize catering management to sustain business growth. Thus, Seito's mobile online ordering system has become the preferred choice for F&B operators to process the growing dine-in and takeaway orders and create a better dining experience.


Huawei Cloud helps Seito flexibly manage its system applications at a lower cost and enhances security and reliability.

  • Huawei Cloud Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)
  • Seito adopts Huawei Cloud Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) to flexibly deploy its applications and workloads on one cloud platform. Huawei Cloud ECSs can be scaled out when requests surge during peak hours, while unnecessary resources can be released in a timely manner during off-peak hours. Flexible scaling boosts efficiency and ensures platform availability.

  • Huawei Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR)
  • The large number of daily transactions of F&B operators generate massive business and financial data. To ensure data security and consistency, Seito turned to Huawei Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR), which provides a professional data storage system. In case of a virus attack, accidental deletion, or software/hardware fault, Seito can restore data to any backed up point.

  • Huawei Cloud Host Security Service (HSS)
  • To tackle security issues, one of the top concerns of commercial users, Seito has armed its Linux and Windows ECSs with Huawei Cloud Host Security Service (HSS), which boasts a suite of advanced security features, including protection against brute force attacks, intrusion detection monitoring, and vulnerability fixing.


Huawei Cloud provides a stable operating environment for the end users of Seito's online ordering system. This prevents restaurants from losses caused by unstable connections and order errors, which compromise customer satisfaction. A stable online ordering system means efficient ordering processes and ensures premium service even when restaurants are short-handed.