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Sunway Group, established in 1974, is one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates, with 13 business divisions and a staff some 16,000 strong, serving markets across 50 locations worldwide.

The Group continues to drive innovation, making far-reaching economic and social impact while minimizing their environmental footprint through digital transformation and cross-vertical synergy. The flagship, Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, for instance, is a fully integrated smart sustainable township and a” living laboratory” where a community of researchers, experts, and academia convene to produce next-generation solutions for the betterment of all of Malaysia. Sunway is also a strong advocate of the 2030 United Nations sustainable development agenda.


To support continuous growth, Sunway decided to challenge tradition with innovative, visionary digital transformation solutions.

  • Virtualization requires huge IT investments, and siloed infrastructure cannot offer the flexibility and reliability required by applications.
  • As data volumes grow exponentially, data gets scattered across virtualization islands. There is no unified data management. As a result, the return on investment (ROI) is lower than expected.
  • Sunway wants to embrace cloud-native technology and build a modern application-centric IT infrastructure. Applications based on virtual machines instead of containers take too long to deploy.
  • To sustain their business, the Group is also committed to reducing the total cost of ownership and speeding up turnaround without compromising customer-centricity.
  • The complexity of the Group's business requires local support resources to take advantage of the latest technology to resolve problems. Sunway Group needs AI, Big Data, and 5G technologies. They also need a strategic partner that can cover most scenarios and ecosystems.


    With its robust cloud-based products, leading 5G advantages, and intelligent solutions, Huawei was chosen as a strategic partner for Sunway to maintain regional competitiveness and global market presence. Their partnership has witnessed the development of smart solutions using the latest cloud and telecommunications technologies in areas such as public safety and security, telehealth, e-learning, hospitality, leisure, and retail.

    The Group also witnessed Huawei's professionalism after the launch of business-critical applications, not only in terms of system migration but also the dedication of the customer executives, project managers, solution architects, and subject matter experts from the front-end to the back-end as Huawei's commitment to Sunway. In addition, the local support team helps to resolve issues in a timely manner, if any.


    Sunway built IaaS and PaaS capabilities on HUAWEI CLOUD to deliver intelligent services and applications that are secure, agile, and reliable.

    Sunway Group established unique computing capabilities based on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) that provide ultra-high I/O throughput and cloud backup and recovery. They then used Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) services to ensure cross-region availability and robust network reliability.

    The Group used Cloud Container Engine (CCE) and Elastic Load Balance (ELB) to make sure they had the flexibility to deal with sudden surges in their workloads. The HUAWEI CLOUD container services improved resource utilization and efficiency, and ServiceStage helped automate orchestration and management of their cloud applications.

    Looking ahead, Sunway Group will launch an easy-to-use data management platform that builds up cutting-edge AI technologies and cultivates domain expertise. They plan to use smart solutions for public security, telemedicine, e-learning, hotel, leisure, and retail because they believe that cloud technologies can help strengthen distance learning, expand telehealth capacity, improve internal processes, and much more.


      Sunway’s Chief Information Officer Kevin Khoo explained, “Cloud is a core part of our strategy at Sunway, and we expect that Huawei will help us advance this strategy to the next level.”

      With the support of HUAWEI CLOUD solutions:    

      • Services provisioning can be done within minutes, compared to several days it needed before.
      • The turnaround time for business workflows is faster.
      • Resource utilization has been improved by 30%.
      • Cloudification drives customer-centricity.