Ensures the customer's market share on the live network.

Casts insight into the customer's business to explore potential opportunities.

Plays a part in the customer's business planning to continuously increase business depth.


On average, goods on WEBUY are 15–20% cheaper than in supermarkets, and the repurchase rate can reach 80%. The community group buying service of WEBUY allows people living in close proximity to each other to buy groceries in bulk together and then pick up what they buy at a designated location. This purchase model helps buyers save more.

WEBUY had plans for an IPO next year for regional business expansion. Before deciding on the destination, they wanted to know the urban density of each country in Southeast Asia using Huawei's internal system. The customer was haunted by its lack of local partners, goods, and employees, ill-informed supply management, and selecting a warehouse location.


  • WEBUY is harnessing the power of services on Huawei Cloud, including Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Object Storage Service (OBS), and network, to build their e-commerce infrastructure, on which their websites and mobile applications run.


Huawei Cloud provides the service and technology resources of the Asia Pacific Spark Program, branding campaigns, promotion on Huawei AppGallery, technical support for cost reduction, and ecosystem partner solutions.