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HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud – Helping You Realize Your Potential

Every innovation and development in technology has, in some form or another, scaled the limits of human imagination. For example, the Industrial Revolution revolutionized the human economy and way of life. Now, under the guise of cloud computing, all industries are undergoing subtle transformations - be it business models, industry patterns, or technology applications and product forms. Similar to the story of shepherd boy and Goliath, in this transformation we have witnessed the collapse of some giants, whose business runs on conventional infrastructure, and the growth of many new emerging technologies, who have adopted digital transformation.

In the past, we used to say "its as easy as turning on the tap or flicking on the switch" to describe cloud computing's on-demand use and pay-as-you-go characteristics. However, the benefits of using cloud computing instead of traditional data centers are the decisive motivation. More than providing underlying resources, cloud computing enables enterprises to quickly, efficiently, and flexibly develop their services in the Internet world.

However, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. In the 5G era, enterprises' cloud requirements are continuously changing, such as the concern to ensure quick iterations or the efficiency of product development. To cope with the demanding needs, more and more users are searching for a low-cost way to digitize their business and, as a result, are trying out cloud services. Enter, DevOps.

The Chemistry Behind DevOps and Cloud

Given the quality and quantity of emerging technologies and the fierce industry competition, enterprise customers are coming to the conclusion that conventional infrastructure and storage methods are not suitable for the 5G era, and are seeking more efficient ways for their iterations, upgrades, and applications to go online faster. 

First made in 2009, DevOps is designed to help enterprises design and release their in-house applications to the cloud. Designed for the collaboration between software developers, test personnel, and O&M personnel, DevOps automatically orchestrates links in the construction, testing, and release of software, improving efficiency and reliability of applications.

Such is its success, DevOps is considered to be a near-perfect product by the majority of enterprises. The quality of DevOps speaks volumes, as more and more enterprises have used it as a basis for developing their own in-house versions of the software. DevOps is perfect for forward-looking enterprises looking to transform their business.  

For scenarios where enterprises need cloud computing to migrate resource configuration to the cloud, DevOps has the answer. A complete set of tool chains that support development, testing, and O&M process automation, DevOps helps enterprises build an automated software production line, removing complex development processes and migrating additional services to the cloud. With DevOps, enterprises can focus more resources on developing their core services.

Getting to Know Your HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud

While many enterprises are well along their way in using DevOps, they are still perplexed about what to do in terms of tool selection and capability building. Selecting appropriate tools to adapt to the legacy services or products can improve the quality and efficiency. Nowadays, the increase of cloud-based service delivery has caused a trend of enterprises adopting all cloud-based R&D tools. 

The unique DevOps tool platform features complex construction. The concept and methodology are considered the "soul" of the tool platform, and likewise the tools carry advanced concepts and methodologies on which it runs, which solidifies processes, experience, and best practices as part of the infrastructure.

Huawei keeps the needs of developers in mind, and continuously tries to smash through boundaries and glass ceilings. While success is a milestone, Huawei knows it's how you respond to failure that's important. Huawei develops and practices its own development needs by learning from experience, a characteristic that is part of the company's DNA. 

HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud enables development teams to use cloud services to perform project management, code hosting and checks, compilation and building, testing, and deployment, allowing enterprises to release services on the cloud anytime, anywhere. With DevCloud, software development is more simple and efficient, allowing developers more time and money to focus on innovation and cope with ever-changing demand. The DevCloud platform interoperates with DevOps, providing a sophisticated foundation for enterprises to improve the delivery and efficiency of individuals and teams, as well as their brand image.

HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud went live in 2015. Since then its popularity has exploded with over 100,000 users, and software innovation centers in 16 cities such as Qingdao, Xi'an, Hangzhou, and Chengdu, and has established joint software training courses with 15 universities, including Peking University.

"The development cycle is shortened from six months to two months."

"Provides all the required services for software development and slashes software construction time from 5 hours to just 30 minutes." 

"The overall project delivery period is slashed by 50%."

Customer after customer are choosing the demonstrated success of Huawei's DevOps platform.

Culmination of 30 years of technological accumulation – Bringing AI to Everyone

Making the technology universal, ready for the future!

Huawei leverages 30 years of knowledge in the R&D field to provide a solid base of DevOps practices designed for large-scale development departments. 

One of Huawei's star-studded products, HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud worked with experts to begin the discussion and preparation of DevOps standards, and continues to share Huawei's understanding of DevOps and its frontline practices with the industry.

HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud is committed to becoming the fertile soil from which software industry development will grow, helping software service enterprises seize opportunities and build future-oriented competitiveness. 

By 2025, it is estimated that 100% of applications will be developed, tested, deployed, or maintained on the cloud in one way or another, and 80% of all enterprise applications will run solely on the cloud.  

Needless to say there is the inevitable trend of software service cloudification, and in particular developers worldwide need a professional platform that supports software development, testing, and management on the cloud.

HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud is the crystallization of R&D practices and cutting-edge concepts accumulated by Huawei over 30 years at the top. DevCloud provides a one-stop and lightweight DevOps service for developers to help enterprises improve their internal functions and speed up high-quality iterations.

In the future, HUAWEI CLOUD DevCloud will work with all enterprises to provide stable and reliable DevOps tools for development teams across various industries, and help software enterprises focus on service innovation.

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