Huawei Cloud Privacy Statement History Version

Huawei Cloud Privacy Statement History Version

 V1001 Aug. 2019

If you are customers from Malaysia, please refer to our Privacy Statement in Malay at

Huawei Cloud understands how important your privacy is to you and fully respects it. Please carefully read and understand this Privacy Statement ("Statement") before you agree to submit your personal data to us. This Statement applies to ("Website"), and all products and services that display or refer to this Statement. This Statement does not apply to Content that you choose to be processed, stored or hosted at Huawei Cloud. We do not access or process Your Content for any purpose without your consent, unless this is required by applicable laws and regulations.

Content means software (including machine images), data, text, audio, video, or images that you process, store, or host by our products or services in connection with your account, and any computational results that you derive from the foregoing, when you use our products or services. This does not include account information that you provide to us in connection with the creation or administration of your account. Please refer to the links below to see your rights and obligations of Content and how we handle your Content.

Huawei Cloud Security

HUAWEI CLOUD Customer Agreement

This Statement describes how we collect, use and disclose your personal data, and legal bases and security measures for data processing. It also demonstrates your rights to control your personal data when we process your personal data, and other related details you need to know before you provide personal data for us. However, it may not address all possible data processing scenarios. We may inform you of product- or service-specific data collection through supplementary policies or notices provided before collection.

This Statement is an important part of HUAWEI CLOUD Customer Agreement. Once you agree to HUAWEI CLOUD Customer Agreement, you have accepted all provisions in this Statement. 

We create this Statement to help you understand:

·       1. How Huawei Cloud Collects Your Personal Data

·       2. How Huawei Cloud Processes Your Personal Data

·       3. How Huawei Cloud Uses Cookies

·       4. How Huawei Cloud Protects Your Personal Data

·       5. How to Access or Control Your Personal Data

·       6. How Huawei Cloud Handles Personal Data of Children

·       7. Third Party Providers and Their Services

·       8. How Your Personal Data Is Transferred Internationally

·       9. How This Statement Is Updated

·       10. How to Contact Huawei Cloud

1. How Huawei Cloud Collects Your Personal Data

1.1  Personal Data

Personal data means any data that, either on its own or jointly with other data, can be used to identify a natural person. We collect personal data from you in the course of your interaction with us with various purposes, such as providing you with our products or services and maintaining the best operation of our products or services. Your interaction with us may include, registering an account with this Website, subscribing to our products or services, completing payment with us, contacting us when handling some problems, browsing our Website and configuring your settings for our Website or your account.

According to your use of this Website and the products or services offered by us, the personal data we collect mainly includes the following:

a)    Personal data submitted to us to register user accounts with this Website, such as user name and email address.

b)    Personal data provided when you contact us, use our products or services, or obtain support or help from us, such as address, post code, name, passport or other ID information, bank account information, mobile phone number, name of your company, industry, position, invoice information, tax information and signature.

c)    Personal data obtained and collected automatically by us when you access and use this Website or services provided by this Website, such as your browse history, access date and time, browser information you use (including but not limited to fonts, types, etc.), your actions on the Website, hardware and software features, and network link information (IP address, port, network protocol, etc.).

d)    Personal data that we legally obtain from business partners (“Partners” which join Huawei Cloud Partner Network) or third parties. We may receive personal data about you from publicly and commercially available sources as permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Many of our products or services require some personal data to operate. If you choose not to provide data necessary to operate, you may not be able to use that products or services. For example if you do not register an account on our Website and submit your personal data, you cannot purchase our products or services. In some other cases, where providing the data is optional, and you choose not to submit personal data, you may be unable to use some features of products or services, like personalization, but this will not affect your using of other products or services offered by us.

1.2  Non-personal Data

Non-personal data refers to data that cannot be used to identify an individual. For example, we may collect aggregated statistics, such as the number of visitors to the Website. We collect this data to understand how people use our Website, products and services. This allows us to improve products or services to better satisfy users’ needs. We may, at our own discretion, collect, use, process, transfer, or disclose non-personal data for other purposes.

We endeavor to keep your personal data and non-personal data separate, and use each independently. If personal data is combined with non-personal data, it will be treated as personal data.

2. How Huawei Cloud Processes Your Personal Data

We may not use your personal data except in the following cases:

a)      Creating an account.

b)      Fulfilling your transaction or service requests, including fulfilling orders; delivering, activating, or verifying products or services; fulfilling your requests for changes or providing you with the requested information (such as marketing materials for products and services, and white papers); and providing technical support.

c)      Contacting you; sending you information about products and services that may interest you; inviting you to participate in Huawei Cloud activities (including promotional activities), market surveys, or satisfaction surveys; or sending you marketing information. If you do not want to receive these types of information, you can opt out at any time (Please refer to 5. How to Access or Control Your Personal Data).

d)      Sending you important notices.

e)      Providing you with personalized user experience and content.

f)       Improving our products and services through internal audits, data analysis, and research.

g)      Analyzing the efficiency of our business operations and evaluating market share.

h)      Troubleshooting when you send us error reports.

i)       Ensuring the security of our products, services and customers or users, executing and improving our loss prevention and anti-fraud programs.

j)       Complying with and enforcing applicable legal requirements or industry standards.

We may not disclose your personal data to a third party except in the following cases:

a)      The disclosure is mandatorily required in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

b)      We may disclose your personal data within the most limited scope, when appropriate, for protecting rights or property of Huawei Cloud, our customers and the public. For example, we may disclose your personal data, when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent or defend cyber threat, fraud, physical harm, or financial loss, or when it is in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.

c)      We may disclose your personal data to our associate companies, our affiliates, service providers, subcontractors, partners or successors to enable them to provide transaction support, service support or security support for you. In this case, we ensure these companies shall guarantee the same personal data protection standard as this Statement, and shall not use personal data for other purposes.

We only disclose your personal data to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations and pursuant to this Statement. We do not provide, sell, and rent your personal data for or to any third party unconcerned unless otherwise permitted by you or specified in this Statement.

3. How Huawei Cloud Uses Cookies

To ensure our Website works correctly, we may at times place a small piece of data known as a cookie on your computer or mobile device. A cookie is a text file stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device. The content of a cookie can be retrieved or read only by the server that creates the cookie. The text in a cookie often consists of identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. Cookies are unique to the browsers or mobile applications you use, and enable websites to store data such as your preferences.

Like many other websites or Internet service providers, we use cookies to improve user experience. To be specific, the purposes are as follows:

a)        Cookies allow websites to remember your settings such as language, font size on your computer or mobile device, or other browser preferences. This means that a user does not need to reset preferences for every visit.

b)        We may count some data of advertising of Huawei Cloud, such as the times that advertising pops up on the Website and the situation of clicking advertising on other websites.

c)         Authentication. When you visit the Website, we may create a unique ID to identify you. If cookies with this function are not used, the Website will treat you as a new visitor every time you load a web page. For example, if you are redirected to another web page from the Website you are already logged in to and then return to the Website, it will not recognize you and you must log in again.

d)         Statistics and analysis. For instance, we use cookie to count the number of visitors of the Website and to learn about sources of your visiting.

e)         Security. We use cookie to secure the operation of the Website.

Third parties may set their cookies on our Website, like Google and Baidu. They use these cookies to receive IP, your configuration information about your browser and your access on our Website, but do not collect your personal identity information. You can learn more about how these third parties use cookies by visiting their sites.

You can manage or delete cookies based on your own preferences. For details, visit ( You can clear all the cookies stored on your computer, and most web browsers provide the option of blocking cookies. However, by doing so, you have to change the user settings every time you visit our Website. Find out how to manage cookie settings for your browser here:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



4. How Huawei Cloud Protects Your Personal Data

We take personal data security seriously. We will take appropriate physical, organizational, and technical measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss. For example, we use encryption to ensure data confidentiality; we use trusted protection mechanisms to prevent malicious data attacks; we deploy access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can access personal data; and we raise awareness among employees about the importance of protecting personal data through security and privacy protection training sessions. While we take the utmost care to protect your personal data, please note that no security measures are completely infallible. You can find more details of our security compliance at Huawei Cloud Security (

We will retain your personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes stated in this Statement, unless otherwise extending the retention period is required by laws or requested by you. The data storage period may vary with scenario, product, and service. The standards we use to determine the retention period are as follows: the time required to retain personal data to fulfill business purposes, including providing products and services; maintaining corresponding transaction and business records as required by laws; ensuring the security of systems, products, and services; handling possible user queries or complaints and locating problems; whether the user agrees to a longer retention period; and whether the laws, contracts, and other equivalencies have special requirements for data retention; etc. We will maintain your account information as long as your account is necessary for service provision. You can choose to deregister your account. After you deregister your account, we will stop providing you with products and services through your account and delete your relevant personal data, provided that deletion is not otherwise stipulated by special legal requirements.

Although we protect your personal data, you are responsible for safekeeping your data including accounts and passwords.

If you find your account or password is used by others without your permission to log in to this Website, please notify us of this case promptly. You have the right to request us to suspend any unauthorized use of your account or password.

In case of any data breaches we found on your personal data we collected, stored and processed, we may inform you and/or the competent authority through publishing an announcement on Huawei Cloud website, sending you an email or other reasonable means according to the requirements of applicable laws and/or from competent authority. If your personal information is leaked due to reasons attributable to us, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you in a timely manner after confirming the consequence and root causes of the data breach.

5. How to Access or Control Your Personal Data

It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal data submitted to us is correct. We are dedicated to maintaining the accuracy and completeness of personal data and keeping the data up-to-date.

Subject to applicable laws and regulations, you may: (1) have the right to access any personal data about you that we hold; (2) request us to update or correct your data; (3) ask us to remove your data; (4) refuse or restrict us to process your data; and (5) obtain copies of your personal data. If you need our assistance to exercise the rights above, please contact us through ”10. How to Contact Huawei Cloud”. Generally, we will respond to you within one month, unless otherwise required by applicable laws. Considering the complex of your request, the period may be extended by two months, and we will inform you the reason within one month when we receive your request. Please note that under some circumstances, including without limitation where your identity cannot be verified, or your claim is beyond the scope of rights, or other circumstances under laws and regulations, your requests may be refused. We may inform you in writing through the email mentioned in “10. How to Contact Huawei Cloud” that your request is refused together with the reason. Where you find any breach of this Statement, you can also raise a concern or lodge a complaint with a data protection authority or other officials with jurisdiction.

Here are some instructions for you to control your personal data collected by us:

a)     Account information: If you want to add or update personal data related to your account, please go to the Website and follow steps: Log in>My Account.

b)     Cookies: Regarding the management of Cookies, please refer to Section 3. How Huawei Cloud Uses Cookies.

c)     Message: Please go to the Website and follow steps: Log in>My Account> mail box on the upper right corner>Message Receiving Management.

6. How Huawei Cloud Handles Personal Data of Children

Our products, websites, and services are primarily intended for adults. Children are not allowed to create their own user account without the consent of parents or guardians. Where a child's personal data is collected with parental consent, we will only use or disclose this data if applicable laws and regulations permit it, if explicit permission is given by parents or guardians, or if it is necessary to protect the child.

If children provide us with their personal data without their parental consent, the parents or guardians can contact us to stop the collection, use, or disclose of their personal data.

If we learn that it has collected a child's personal data without first obtaining verifiable parental consent, we will take steps to delete the data within the shortest possible time period.

7. Third Party Providers and Their Services

To improve your service experience, you may be served content or web links from third parties other than us. We do not have control over such third parties. You can choose whether to access or use links, content, products, and services offered by third parties.

We have no control over the privacy and data protection policies of third parties, which are not governed by this Statement. Before submitting your personal data to third parties, please refer to their respective privacy protection policies.

8. How Your Personal Data Is Transferred Internationally

In order to provide services to you, we store your personal data in countries/regions where Huawei Cloud, Huawei Cloud associated companies, or Huawei Cloud’s service providers or subcontractors are located. This means your personal data may be transferred to countries or regions where you are located, or jurisdictions which are outside the places where we collect your personal data, and be accessed and stored in the jurisdictions. These jurisdictions may have different data protection laws. In such cases, we will ensure that an adequate level of protection is afforded to your data as required by applicable laws and regulations where the data is located, as well as this Statement.

9. How This Statement Is Updated
We may update or modify this Statement from time to time according to changes of our services or data processing. If we update this Statement, we will publish the latest version of the privacy statement on this Website, and it will take effect immediately upon its release. You are advised to review this Statement periodically for any changes. If we make any substantial changes to this Statement (any change of personal data we collect or we use for), we may notify you through appropriate channels and obtain your prior consent.

10. How to Contact Huawei Cloud

If you want to contact us, please contact us in the following way: