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Telkom and Huawei Tied Agreement on 5G and Cloud Joint Innov

Nov 12, 2019

[Jakarta, Indonesia, November 6, 2019] In a significant step towards the betterment of digital connectivity in Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia (Telkom), countrys largest telecommunications and network provider and Huawei, a global leading ICT company, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a 5G Joint Innovation Program. Together, the two parties will see research collaboration in 5G key technologies, including but not limited to 5G Transport, Massive MIMO, network capacity, 5G Slice, smart/intelligent network, and SDN/NFV, to explore opportunities in the network architecture improvement and use cases development based on Telkom needs.

At the same time, Telkom and HUAWEI CLOUD also announced their agreement to establish a joint collaboration in providing public cloud services in Indonesian market. This MoU will see Telkom and HUAWEI CLOUD cooperating on future evolution and technology innovation through the establishment of a joint AI Innovation Lab, AI services exploration and talent development to support the countrys journey in realizing the Intelligent Indonesia.

Signing on behalf of Telkom was Joddy Hernady, Telkom Digital Business SVP. Meanwhile, Huawei was represented by Allen Yu, Huawei Telkom Account Director. Faizal R. Djoemadi, Telkom Digital Business Director and Andy Ma, Huawei Indonesia Carrier Business Group CEO, were also in attendance. 


Standing from left to right in order of appearance at the 5G MoU signing are: Andy Ma, Carrier Business Director, Huawei; Faizal R.Djoemadi, Telkom Digital Director; Allen Yu, Huawei Telkom Account Director, Huawei; Joddy Hernady, Digital Senior Vice President, Telkom (Foto doc. of Huawei)

Faizal R. Djoemadi, Telkom Digital Business Director said, In 5G era where cloud will be one of the most necessary part in every aspect, Huawei have the long-haul experience both in 5G and cloud leadership. What we expect from Huawei is that we do not only get the best 5G technology delivery, but also Huaweis 5G advanced experience from their global business to help Telkom establish competitive 5G services that will transform our journey to digitalization, improve efficiency and intelligence. Let us embrace win-win future together.

Andy Ma, Huawei Indonesia Carrier Business Group CEO said, Huaweis collaboration with Telkom marks our commitment to strengthen the development of ICT infrastructure in Indonesia to provide the best digital experience in this growing digital sphere ahead of the inevitability of todays digital wave. We are happy to collaborate with Telkom and hope that the establishment of this joint innovation program and research will contribute to the advancement of 5G development to realize the Digital Indonesia.

With the emergence of 5G technology that bring great changes to various fields, such as in digital living, medical care, transportation, IoT, manufacture and many other sectors, the collaboration plays an important effort and commitment of Telkom and Huawei to support Indonesia's digital and intelligent transformation, and to encourage technological innovation that will help accelerate Indonesia's economic growth.

As an important strategic partner, Huawei has a 15-year history of cooperation with Telkom, with both parties having established a comprehensive and in-depth ICT partnerships.