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J&T Express boosts capabilities and services via HUAWEI CLOUD

Dec 04, 2019

With the world’s third-largest population, Southeast Asia is an up-and-coming market for e-commerce – with hundreds of millions of people across the region already shopping online[1]. Recent findings indicate that Southeast Asia will see double-digit growth in ecommerce spend over the next decade, driven by more internet users, better understanding of online shopping, and greater consumer spending power[2]. One company that has capitalized on the growth of e-commerce in the region is J&T Express. 

Unparalleled customer service offerings

With its unwavering commitment to its customers and innovative use of technology, J&T Express is an express delivery company that has skyrocketed to the top of the e-commerce delivery industry in Southeast Asia in just four years. If it’s to stay number one, J&T Express knows it must continue to drive improvements in its unparalleled service, which is why it leverages Huawei’s global cloud coverage to optimize its transnational IT architecture and deploy services on the cloud.

Established in 2015, J&T Express is a high-tech, Internet-based express delivery company with more than 600 million customers across seven countries in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. It runs on technology, relying on the internet for its 365 days-a year-operation, not even taking a break for weekends. Its services cover same-city, national, and international delivery and online services. With its wide area of coverage, J&T Express offers a real-time tracking system for deliveries, high transmission speeds, a 24-hour hotline, and insurance claim facilities. To ensure easy access for customers, the company has three-service platforms: website, mobile application, and a 24/7 hotline.

The express delivery industry is competitive and can be complex to navigate. The industry is developing so quickly, for example, that IT departments are only able to react to immediate operational challenges; advanced, proactive planning is considered a luxury. Service deployment across multiple countries is another challenge due to the high costs and slow procurement process. It is also difficult to aggregate and manage service data.

J&T Express realized early on that in order to cut through these issues and truly provide the best service for their customers, they would need to find a partner that could provide services that would help propel them to the next level. Working with HUAWEI CLOUD has allowed J&T Express to do just that, driving significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer service.

A focus on technological innovation to drive customer experience and loyalty

HUAWEI CLOUD services allow J&T Express to optimize its cross-border IT architecture, deploy a myriad of services, and accelerate market expansion. Huawei has provided J&T Express with professional and efficient pre-sales support and is always available to respond to issues. J&T Express’ systems are deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD in Singapore, but they are accessible from around the world. In countries with heavy service loads, such as Indonesia and Thailand, HUAWEI CLOUD Connect services are utilized to ensure access during peak hours. 

“J&T Express is the top express company in Southeast Asia. Its network covers seven countries in Southeast Asia and its business continues to develop rapidly. As a leading global cloud service provider, HUAWEI CLOUD provides service products and solutions for enterprises around the world. By working with HUAWEI CLOUD, J&T Express receives stable, reliable cloud infrastructure, and big data services. We also appreciate Huawei's customer-centric service. Their timely and reliable localization services and support are one of the main reasons why we choose HUAWEI CLOUD,” said Gao Zhiqiang, of J&T Express.

HUAWEI CLOUD offers numerous benefits for customers. Of key importance to J&T Express was improving its cross-country IT management. Cloud-based deployment with Huawei allows for optimized and better organized systems spanning the seven countries in which J&T Express operates. The architecture is optimized for faster rollout - rollout that used to take two months can now be done in just seven days.

Another benefit is reduced hardware and operations and maintenance costs. Prior to working with Huawei, J&T Express used to have to deploy servers in each of its seven markets. Now, however, those servers have been replaced with centrally-deployed virtual machines, which reduces both capital and operating costs.

Technical support is another crucial element of success for J&T Express. HUAWEI CLOUD provides international and localized support, including emergency response, as needed. J&T Express is able to leverage Huawei’s extensive cloud technology experience and product service capabilities, which allows for strong planning and support in this period of rapid development.

A bright future in the cloud

“With ‘Express Your Online Business’ as our slogan, we want to help our customers realize a more practical and efficient express service for online business and encourage the development of our business partners to be bigger and stronger. A deep understanding of our business and requirements enabled HUAWEI CLOUD to earn our trust very quickly and become a trusted partner, providing valuable consultancy. We value HUAWEI CLOUD’s professionalism and strong focus on customer service,” said Robin, CEO of J&T Express Indonesia.

J&T Express is committed to improving the speed and service quality of consumer express delivery by continuing to leverage advanced IT management systems. The company is focused on helping its customers thrive in the e-commerce world by bringing its reliable, efficient, and fast delivery service nationwide. J&T Express has found that the best way to deliver its long-term business goals is through its partner, HUAWEI CLOUD. Next on the horizon for J&T Express is a collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD in the area of artificial intelligence, focused on video analysis, vehicle management and face recognition.  This innovative effort will support J&T Express’s goal of making online businesses grow and prosper through continuous innovation and excellent customer service.