Press Releases > Counterpoint Research: HUAWEI CLOUD IoT Ranked No. 3 in the World and No. 1 in China in terms of Overall IoT Competitiveness

Counterpoint Research: HUAWEI CLOUD IoT Ranked No. 3 in the World and No. 1 in China in terms of Overall IoT Competitiveness

Jun 17, 2020

Recently, Counterpoint Research released its latest IoT platforms research report. According to this report, HUAWEI CLOUD IoT was No. 3 in the world and No. 1 among Chinese vendors. Counterpoint Research uses its proprietary Competitiveness Ranking & Evaluation (CORE) framework and evaluated the leading 20 IoT platform players on more than 35 capabilities and ecosystem success parameters (highlighting completeness, comprehensiveness, and competitiveness). Huawei ranks No. 3 globally in terms of overall competitiveness.


Counterpoint CORE: Leading IoT Platform by Completeness


According to the report, Huawei leads the overall IoT platform landscape in completeness. Huawei provides integrated functions from the edge to the cloud and takes the lead in IoT edge components. The HUAWEI CLOUD IoT platform (originally named OceanConnect IoT Platform) provides multiple edge components, from edge chips to devices and software, all of which complement cloud IoT functions.

The HUAWEI CLOUD IoT platform is committed to providing IoT connectivity with the ultimate experience. It aggregates IoT applications, hardware, and ecosystem to cultivate fertile soil for the connection of everything and, ultimately, for customer success. HUAWEI CLOUD IoT's full-stack all-scenario services integrate HiSilicon chips, LiteOS, and industry popular modules to enable chip-cloud synergy and simplified access. Its pre-integration with edge hardware (Atlas and AR) and edge-cloud synergy simplify O&M at the edge. Based on Huawei's unique cloud-network synergy and end-to-end security, it makes connection to the cloud for everything easier. It supports AI Native computing, provides one-stop IoT data analytics, includes digital twins, and redefines the value of IoT data. Huawei also works with partners to build a dedicated IoT marketplace and redefines IoT business models, so partners and customers can quickly monetize their businesses.

HUAWEI CLOUD IoT covers a wide range of application scenarios and has delivered a certain number of large-scale commercial projects in IoV, transportation, city, campus, and logistics sectors. By the end of 2019, the number of connections on the HUAWEI CLOUD IoT platform exceeded 280 million and were deployed across more than 50 industries. The number of vehicles connected exceeded 7 million, more than any other IoT platform players in the world.

* Source: CORE Evaluation & Analysis: World's Leading 20 IoT Platforms Research. For more information, please