Press Releases > Huawei Cloud Stack Continues to Rank No. 1 in China's Self-Built Financial Cloud Infrastructure Market

Huawei Cloud Stack Continues to Rank No. 1 in China's Self-Built Financial Cloud Infrastructure Market

May 29, 2021

According to China's Financial Cloud Market Tracking (Second Half of 2020) released by International Data Corporation (IDC), China's financial cloud infrastructure market totaled USD $3.27 billion in 2020. Huawei Cloud ranked No.1 in this market with a share of 21.3%. Huawei Cloud provides a series of solutions for customers in the financial sector, including public cloud services, FinTech cloud infrastructure, and the Huawei Cloud Stack deployed in customers' data centers. Among these solutions, Huawei Cloud Stack accounted for a 28.9% share of the self-built financial cloud infrastructure market in China, making it the No. 1 provider in the market for three consecutive years.

Huawei Cloud Stack is a cloud infrastructure proposed by Huawei Cloud for enterprises such as financial and governmental institutions. It is deployed in the customers' own local data centers. Huawei Cloud Stack provides a reliable cloud infrastructure and multi-cloud management platform to help enterprises migrate their legacy applications to the cloud. Additionally, it continuously synchronizes the robust cloud services and ecosystems on Huawei Cloud to meet development needs for cloud-native applications, enabling continuous innovation and upgrade of industries like finance.

Huawei Cloud Stack has earned a solid reputation in the financial sector with leading technologies and comprehensive customer support. So far, Huawei Cloud Stack has helped the six major banks, all 12 joint-stock commercial banks, and the top 5 insurance institutions in China achieve intelligent transformation. It has been used in 300+ financial institutions worldwide. Examples:

  • It was used to migrate ultra-large data warehouse clusters of Asia for China Merchants Bank, improving performance by 100% in typical scenarios.
  • It was used to build the first hybrid cloud architecture in the insurance industry for China Life, enabling one-click sharing of 230+ cloud services and 600+ applications.
  • It was used to build a full-stack financial cloud for Agricultural Bank of China to support innovations such as cloud-native app development.


During the process of facilitating industry digital transformation, Huawei Cloud Stack has achieved extraordinary technological leadership and market position. In addition to ranking first in the self-built financial cloud infrastructure market, Huawei Cloud Stack is also a leader in the fields of governmental cloud infrastructure and big data management platform in China. Huawei Cloud Stack also ranks No. 1 in cloud product solutions such as cloud systems, containers, cloud management, professional services, and cloud desktop in China. Huawei Cloud Stack is the largest player in the government and enterprise market.