Press Releases > HUAWEI CLOUD Becomes the World's First to Obtain Both ISO/IEC 27034 and CSA STAR 2021 Certifications

HUAWEI CLOUD Becomes the World's First to Obtain Both ISO/IEC 27034 and CSA STAR 2021 Certifications

Nov 29, 2021

HUAWEI CLOUD was awarded the ISO/IEC 27034 application security standard certification and CSA STAR 2021 Gold Certification by the British Standards Institution (BSI), making HUAWEI CLOUD the world's first cloud service provider to have earned both certifications. These certifications have been granted to all the availability zones (AZs) of HUAWEI CLOUD around the world.


What Is ISO/IEC 27034?

ISO/IEC 27034 is the first ISO standard for secure programs and frameworks. It clearly defines risks in application systems and provides guidance to assist organizations in integrating security into their processes. ISO/IEC 27034 provides a way for organizations to verify their own product security and make security a competitive edge. This standard also outlines a compliance framework at the application layer for global cloud service providers, promoting the security of the R&D process, applications, and the cloud.


What Is CSA STAR 2021 Gold Certification?

The Cloud Security Alliance Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (CSA STAR) assessment is an authoritative international assessment performed by BSI and CSA to address specific issues related to cloud security. Based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), CSA STAR uses the maturity model and assessment methods provided by BSI to comprehensively assess the cloud security management and technical capabilities of organizations.

CSA largely updated the CCM this year, which now consists of 17 domains and 197 control objectives. Requirements for new cloud computing technologies, control methods, and security responsibility matrix were added, accountability of control items was improved, and interoperability and compatibility with other standards were enhanced. HUAWEI CLOUD earned the CSA STAR 2021 Gold Certification after several rounds of strict review.


Secure, Regulation-compliant, and Trustworthy Cloud Services

HUAWEI CLOUD is the world's first cloud service provider to obtain both ISO/IEC 27034 and the CSA STAR 2021 certification. This marks a big step forward for HUAWEI CLOUD governance and compliance. HUAWEI CLOUD is capable of continuous security and compliance in cloud services, providing customers with a trustworthy cloud infrastructure platform that meets authoritative standards worldwide.

HUAWEI CLOUD places great importance on the security and compliance of its cloud platform, and has built a comprehensive system protecting every layer of the platform, from hardware to applications. HUAWEI CLOUD has obtained more than 100 security compliance certifications worldwide, including PCI 3DS, TISAX, ISO 27799, ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 27034, CSA STAR 2021, SOC 2 Type II, and Germany C5. HUAWEI CLOUD can meet the business compliance and privacy requirements of customers around the world. Enterprises can enjoy secure, worry-free cloud migration and reliable, easy-to-use services on HUAWEI CLOUD.