Press Releases > IDC Once Again Names Huawei Cloud a Leader in China's Government Big Data Market

IDC Once Again Names Huawei Cloud a Leader in China's Government Big Data Market

Dec 07, 2021

According to the IDC MarketScape: China Government Big Data Management Platform 2021 Vendor Assessment report released on December 07, 2021, Huawei Cloud, with its government service data sharing platform powered by a robust e-Government cloud foundation and the Huawei FusionInsight big data cloud service suite, has again claimed a leading position in China's government big data market. Huawei Cloud has been leading this market for several years running in terms of capabilities, strategies, as well as market performance.

The announcement came not long after the IDC recognized Huawei Cloud as China's No. 1 e-Government cloud infrastructure provider in its IDC MarketScape: China e-Government Cloud Infrastructure Market Share, 2020 report (released on August 2021), for the fourth consecutive year.

According to the IDC, the years 2019 and 2020 saw unprecedented growth of government big data management platforms. Government digital transformation has entered a new phase of innovation and consolidation, powered by new centralized platforms. The role of government big data management platforms gradually shifted from a government data sharing and exchange platform to a government data governance center, laying the foundation for further utilization of public data in the future.

By drawing on Huawei's own experiences from its global operations, Huawei Cloud has developed a range of best practices, specifications, models, solutions, and methodologies in digital transformation and data governance, from a variety of different perspectives such as technology, process, and management. Huawei sees government big data management platforms as a key foundation to building digital governments. Focused on the innovation and evolution of big data technology, this platform helps the government improve services and oversight, and make more accurate, informed decisions. Several regional benchmark projects that are powered by Huawei Cloud's government big data management platform have been successfully delivered, including "Digital Jiangsu", "Guangxi Government Intelligent Twins", Guizhou's "Provincial Data Autonomy and Exchange" platform, Beijing's "e-Government Data Catalog Blockchain", and Shenzhen's fast-response public service platform.

As the foundation of the e-Government cloud platform, the FusionInsight big data cloud service suite leads innovation in a wide range of areas, including cloud-native data lake, lakehouse (data lake and warehouse integration), graph engine, cross-domain collaborative computing, and federated computing. This allows Huawei Cloud to build fast, reliable, scalable, and secure big data platforms for customers. By collaborating with partners, Huawei Cloud offers end-to-end data governance tools and solutions and comprehensive data services, from the application layer to the data and infrastructure layers. Together, they support a wide range of big data analytics scenarios, including real-time analysis, offline analysis, interactive query, real-time retrieval, multimodal analysis, data warehouse and mart, data access governance, graph computing, and privacy computing. This helps accelerate government data mining, delivering insight to power government decision-making, public services, city management, and innovation across industries. Huawei Cloud also attaches great importance to data quality and security by promoting the creation of security assurance systems and relevant standards and specifications.

Today, Huawei Cloud is working with the governments of several cities in China to build the "one city, one cloud" project. By combining Huawei's Cloud Native 2.0 paradigms with distributed architectures, Huawei Cloud is committed to building more resilient digital platforms for cities to power smart city governance, continuous improvement of government services, and faster economic growth.

With many years of experience in digital governments, including standardized top-level design for digital governments, the development of digital government consultation and evaluation systems, and digital government ecosystems, Huawei Cloud is in a unique position to help governments of all levels to modernize their governance systems and capabilities.