Press Releases > Huawei Cloud Ranks No.1 in Container Software Market in China, Three Times at a Row

Huawei Cloud Ranks No.1 in Container Software Market in China, Three Times at a Row

Dec 08, 2021

According to the recently released IDC report "PRC SDC Software Market Overview and Analysis-2021H1", Huawei Cloud ranks No.1 by container market share in China for three consecutive times.

Huawei Cloud has been leading the industry with its cloud native container services, which feature large scale, high performance, robust reliability, and industry-specific solutions. Bare metal containers, high-performance computing, hybrid cloud, and edge computing empower enterprises to run ultra-large-scale services while ensuring optimal performance thanks to ultra-fast scaling. Online and offline services can be deployed and managed in the same system. Customers can easily build solutions in resource management, quotation, consumer finance, e-commerce, and live streaming. Huawei Cloud has extended cloud native into tens of thousands of enterprises in Internet, finance, automobile, logistics, and energy industries. IDC's ranking recognizes Huawei Cloud's advantages in container offerings and ecosystem, as well as the wide implementation of Cloud Native 2.0.

Innovations keep emerging in Cloud Native 2.0 concepts and products. Zhang Yuxin, CTO of Huawei Cloud, said, "Huawei Cloud proposes ten new paradigms with seven features. We provide new capabilities in ubiquity, computing, scheduling, networking, IoT, application, data, intelligence, security, and enablement. You can efficiently use resources and enjoy optimal experience. Things are connected. Applications become agile, intelligent, secure, and trustworthy." For example, the ubiquity paradigm is backed by the cloud native infrastructure built on containers. Ubiquitous Cloud-Native Service (UCS), the first distributed cloud native service in the industry, serves as a foundation with optimal resource efficiency and experience for enterprise digital platforms.

Huawei Cloud has been dedicated to breaking new ground in cloud native and stays active in open source communities. As the only founding member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) from Asia, Huawei contributes KubeEdge (CNCF's first intelligent edge computing project), Volcano (CNCF's first batch computing project), and Karmada (CNCF's first multi-cloud container orchestration project). Huawei is also the only Istio Steering Committee member from Asia. In terms of industry promotion, Huawei releases Cloud Native 2.0 White Paper and Digital Government Cloud Native Infrastructure White Paper, and establishes Cloud Native Elite Club, a global communication platform on cloud native, with CNCF and CAICT.

Huawei Cloud always stands ready to promote a cloud native ecosystem and help customers go digital.