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Huawei Ranked as a Leader in China for Its Security Situation Awareness Solution

Dec 17, 2021

Huawei was ranked as a leader in the situation awareness solution market in China, according to the IDC MarketScape: China Situation Awareness Solution Market in 2021 report issued by International Data Corporation (IDC). Huawei Cloud stands out for its highly trusted platform and strong ecosystem. Huawei Cloud leverages robust cloud native security and industry leading intelligent threat analysis capabilities to provide customers with comprehensive operational capabilities that include cloud, network, security, and device products and solutions.

According to the report, security situation awareness solutions in the Chinese market represent a comprehensive suite of security solutions, similar to cybersecurity analytics, intelligence, response, and orchestration (AIRO) solutions found in the international market. IDC evaluated over 20 cybersecurity situation awareness products and vendors in China and they found:

· Comprehensive and real-time acquisition and analysis of security information are the key to situation awareness.

· The major vendors are differentiated by automated orchestration and responses.

· Few vendors can provide a unified interface connecting their situation awareness platforms to other security products.

· More and more vendors have been prioritizing security operations services as an important strategic direction focus.

· A software as a service (SaaS) situation awareness operations center that can be remotely hosted has become an important part of product planning.

The IDC report also stated that Huawei Cloud provides a trusted security platform that features varied AI detection models and security operations tools, simplified O&M processes, and sophisticated security services. Huawei Cloud continuously enables customers with security experience and gives extra protection for their operations.

Huawei Cloud security situation awareness solution is a comprehensive big data–powered security solution based on Intelligent Security Analysis Platform (ISAP). The solution also integrates third-party ecosystem service capabilities and other in-house security services, including Situation Awareness (SA), Managed Threat Detection (MTD), Security Operations Center (SOC), and Managed Detection Response (MDR). The solution helps customers efficiently and securely run their workloads on the cloud.

Driven by demand for secure operations and regulatory compliance, Huawei Cloud security situation awareness solution integrates a refined cloud native architecture, diversified service management, excellent big data collection, and threat detection capabilities. They comprise a comprehensive global situation awareness system covering everything from applications to underlying infrastructure.

  • Intelligent Security Analysis Platform (ISAP)

ISAP uses big data and AI to collect and store massive amounts of log data. It produces in-depth threat and modeling analyses based on smart keyword search, providing customers with an important tool for secure operations. ISAP makes it easier for customers to centrally manage security data, detect threats, quickly respond to security events with the aid of smart analysis, and a real-time understanding of the security environment. ISAP improves security and makes O&M more efficient.

  • Situation Awareness (SA)

SA is a cloud-native security situation management service that detects threats and aggregates security alerts, providing customers with a web-based platform for centralized risk management. SA identifies typical security risks to cloud assets, analyzes how they are attacked, enhances visibility of your security posture in real time, predicts attack trends, and offers strong pre-, during-, and post-attack security management capabilities.

  • Managed Threat Detection (MTD)

MTD is a cloud-native threat detection service that continuously scans for malicious activities or unauthorized behavior to protect accounts and customer workloads. By integrating a wide range of detection models such as AI engines, threat blacklists and whitelists, and detection rules, MTD identifies and analyzes potential threats in cloud service logs. MTD increases alarm reporting and event detection accuracy while also improving O&M efficiency and help meeting DJCP compliance requirements.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC is a cloud-native security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) service that enables faster responses to security events and suspected threat alarms. SOC enables security orchestration and automated responses, serving as an Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover (IPDRR) cybersecurity framework.

  • Managed Detection Response (MDR)

Based on Huawei's over 30 years of experience in information security, MDR establishes a cloud security risk control system that combines management, techniques, and O&M together. It continuously improves its protection capabilities based on cloud customer demands, helping organizations and enterprises of all size control security risks and events.

Huawei Cloud security situation awareness solution has offered smart and trusted operational services to organizations in many industries, such as government, enterprise, finance, automobile manufacturing, IT high-tech, e-commerce, and multinational manufacturing, helping them establish a solid foundation for application security.