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Huawei Cloud Stack Achieved Top Rankings Once Again

Dec 21, 2021

In the PRC SDC Software Tracker 2021H1 report released by IDC, Huawei Cloud Stack took the 1st spot in the software-defined compute (SDC) market for four consecutive quarters. Also, IDC's reports* showed that, in H1 2021, Huawei Cloud Stack was No.1 in China's two major software markets: cloud management and desktop clouds. Huawei Cloud Stack has dominated the two markets, respectively, for five and six years in a row.

IDC predicted that the SDC software market will witness rapid growth of 21% over the next five years and will grow to USD3 billion by 2025. The driving force behind this mainly comes from the demand for self-built cloud infrastructure, especially in traditional vertical industries that require strict compliance, such as government, finance, and electric power.

Huawei Cloud Stack is a full-stack cloud solution tailored for government and enterprise customers. From cloud migration to use, it leverages cloud-edge-device collaboration to keep synchronized with the latest innovations on Huawei Cloud and ensures full compliance thanks to its on-premises deployment. Huawei Cloud Stack accelerates intelligent upgrade and innovation. Shang Haifeng, President of Huawei Cloud Stack, said: "Government and enterprise customers are challenged by every step of building a cloud platform. They urgently need a partner full of cloud transformation experience and expertise. Huawei Cloud Stack has been investing in the government and enterprise market for years, truly understands the needs of these customers, and is committed to leading every city and enterprise into a digital future."

To date, Huawei Cloud Stack serves over 4000 government and enterprise customers in more than 150 countries around the world. In the government sector, Huawei has built Intelligent Twins for over 10 cities. In the financial sector, Huawei Cloud Stack has helped six banks and 12 joint-stock commercial banks in China achieve digital transformation. In the healthcare sector, Huawei Cloud Stack is used by more than 65% of provincial medical insurance institutions.

At the Huawei Cloud conference held on December 23, 2021, the vice president of Huawei Cloud Stack, together with Huawei Cloud Stack's key customers and partners as well as analysts, shared cutting-edge technical solutions and best practices to drive successful cloud transformation.



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