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Huawei Cloud FusionInsight Ranks No. 1 in China's Big Data Market Three Consecutive Times

Jan 12, 2022

According to the big data platform market share report released by IDC China in the first half of 2021, Huawei Cloud FusionInsight intelligent data lake ranked No. 1 in China three consecutive times.

FusionInsight focuses on exploring the government, finance, carrier, Internet, and enterprise markets. Especially in the first half of 2021, it became the first choice for state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural credit banks, and insurance and securities companies. Huawei Cloud is also developing rapidly in the Internet market, where it has attracted large-scale customers. In addition, Huawei Cloud is establishing dedicated regions on the public cloud to facilitate the service migration of government and enterprise users, fueling rapid growth in the public cloud big data market.

MRS cloud-native data lake: enables enterprises to implement offline, real-time, and logical data lakes based on a cloud-native, converged lakehouse architecture with decoupled storage and compute.

  • Offline data lake: transforms traditional data silos to a unified data platform that supports multiple engines such as AI, BI, and interactive queries. It supports rolling upgrade of over 60,000 clusters, ensuring continuity for critical services.
  • Real-time data lake: uses CDL, Hudi, Flink, and ClickHouse to implement real-time full-link data analysis, shortening promptness from T+1 to T+0.
  • Logical data lake: uses HetuEngine to provide cross-lake and cross-warehouse collaborative analysis, cutting the data migration time by 80% and accelerating collaborative analysis 50 times.

GaussDB(DWS) cloud data warehouse: one-stop data warehouse service for all scenarios. Based on the fully parallel distributed architecture, this service seamlessly integrates the OLAP engine, time series engine, and CEP engine to support batch, interactive, and real-time analysis. It removes barriers between heterogeneous platforms and implements data convergence and analysis collaboration, significantly simplifying the architecture of all-domain data and making data analysis simpler and more autonomous.

DLI: a serverless big data analysis service that supports open-source, fully hosted, and one-stop stream processing, batch processing, and interactive analysis.

GES: a distributed cloud-native graph engine service used to query and analyze graph-structure data based on various relationships. It features over 30 built-in algorithms and supports the query of hundreds of billions of vertices and trillions of edges in 6 hops. It is widely used in scenarios with rich relational data, such as risk control, recommendation, and anti-fraud.

TICS: Huawei Cloud is the first to implement data analysis security by integrating federated SQL analysis and secure multi-party computation (SMC) technologies. The in-depth collaborative optimization of federated training and comprehensive homomorphic encryption are achieved through SMC, federated learning, and trusted execution environment (TEE) technologies. In this way, cross-agency data silos are broken and multi-party joint data analysis and federated learning are implemented, accelerating the market-oriented circulation of data elements. This service has been certified by many authoritative organizations, including the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and the China Financial Standardization Technical Committee (CFSTC, SAC/TC 180).

DGC: provides full-link data governance tools, including standard specifications, data integration, data development, data quality, data security, and data service. This helps enterprise data engineers, modeling engineers, and service analysts collaborate efficiently, makes data usage more agile, facilitates data asset accumulation and data supply, and boosts enterprises' digital innovations.

Over the past decade, FusionInsight has maintained intensive investment and won orders across various industries, such as government, finance, carrier, Internet, and enterprises. FusionInsight continues contributing its big data components to the open-source communities, such as CarbonData and openLooKeng, and its contributions to the Hadoop and Spark communities ranked No. 2 and No. 4, respectively. With over 800 partners, FusionInsight adheres to the "platform + ecosystem" strategy, providing services to customers worldwide.