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Huawei Cloud Continues Rapid Growth and Deepens the Strategy of "Dive into Digital with Everything as a Service"

Apr 27, 2022

[Shenzhen, China, April 27, 2022] The 19th Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS2022) was held in Shenzhen from April 26 to 27. The theme of the session was "Dive into Digital with Everything as a Service". At the event, Huawei Cloud introduced its business progress for 2021 and announced that it will continue to increase investment in its Everything as a Service strategy in 2022. Everything as a Service includes three main categories: Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and Expertise as a Service.

Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud's Global Marketing and Sales Service, said, "In 2021, Huawei Cloud maintained rapid growth and made breakthroughs in the enterprise and Internet sectors, with 59% more key customers, 33% more ARPU, and 67% more developers. Our Marketplace partners saw a 105% increase in revenue. In 2022, Huawei Cloud will build a global KooVerse network as part of our Infrastructure as a Service efforts to provide the best possible cloud experience. We will focus on four pipelines for, for example, digital content and data governance, for Technology as a Service, and will continue to deepen the aPaaS strategy and introduce more Expertise as a Service products. In addition, through consulting services, we will work with enterprises to plan cloud migration paths that enable easier, more effective use of the cloud. At the same time, we will advance cloud-cloud collaboration to help enterprises create more value. We will help more Chinese enterprises expand globally. We will build out industrial aPaaS to aggregate SaaS for an industrial software cloud. We have released new partner policies, GoCloud and GrowCloud, to build a new ecosystem that is created, shared, and benefited by all."

Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud's Global Marketing and Sales Service

Huawei Cloud Continuously Enables Thousands of Industries with Rapid Global Business Growth

In 2021, Huawei Cloud pressed ahead with innovation, implementing technological inclusiveness, maintaining rapid growth, and winning wide recognition from customers around the world.

In the Internet industry, Huawei Cloud uses innovative technologies such as cloud native and policies such as cloud-cloud collaboration to accelerate the rapid growth of Internet enterprises. Currently, Huawei Cloud already serves 80% of China's top 50 Internet companies. In addition, Huawei Cloud and Huawei Mobile Services are deeply integrated in terms of the capabilities and ecosystem they provide. They provide unified services and a consistent experience for customers and partners. In the context of going global, there are six things Huawei Cloud provides to help Internet companies grow and thrive: a new ecosystem, improved cost effectiveness, better marketing, industry synergy, user conversion, and application innovation. This support has helped Chinese Internet enterprises achieve high-quality growth around the world.

In the enterprise market, Huawei Cloud has built a multi-cloud ecosystem based on Huawei's years of experience in the enterprise and carrier sectors, and backed up by in-depth collaboration with Huawei Cloud Stack. This ecosystem meets requirements of cloud migration in different phases. Huawei Cloud not only serves customers in the public, finance, and manufacturing industries, but also actively explores new services in industries such as new energy and drug R&D. Huawei Cloud is devoted to exploring the road to digital transformation and application modernization.

Today, Huawei Cloud has served more than 600 e-Government clouds, helping more than 35 cities upgrade their e-Government clouds to cloud native. Huawei Cloud has served six major banks, all of the 12 joint-stock commercial banks, and the top 5 insurance institutions in China. We helped build more than 30 smart airports, and over 40 industrial Internet innovation centers, helping over 17,000 manufacturing enterprises achieve digital transformation.

Continuously Invest in "Dive into Digital with Everything as a Service"

In 2022, Huawei Cloud will continue to increase investment based on the Everything as a Service strategy to help our customers embrace an easy, smooth, and effective cloud journey.

In terms of Infrastructure as a Service, Huawei Cloud and partners have operated 65 availability zones (AZs) in 27 geographical regions around the world, covering more than 170 countries and regions. Data centers are planned for 7 regions and 42 key countries around the world. Huawei will be building new POP nodes, improving the network access performance of each service area, and creating cloud coverage that enjoys just 50 ms of latency.

In terms of Technology as a Service, Huawei Cloud will continue to provide cloud native, AI, data intelligence, multimedia, and collaborative office technologies in the form of cloud services for customers, partners, and developers across multiple industries. We have built four pipelines: MetaStudio, for digital content production; ModelArts, for AI development; DevCloud, for software development; and a data governance pipeline. We hope to enable SaaS in every industry so our customers can create more value on the cloud.

For Expertise as a Service, Huawei Cloud will continue to focus on finance, industrial, and other industries, strengthen collaboration with dedicated teams, like special teams for coal mines and electric power. Huawei will continue to accumulate valuable experience in joint innovation and digital transformation with MacroVerse aPaaS. Huawei Cloud also provides consulting services, such as planning for cloud infrastructure, application cloudification, data enablement, and digital transformation to help enterprises complete the overarching design of cloud transformation. These services help establish a clear plan. They help clarify the migration path, and enable more enterprises to make better use of the cloud.

Huawei Cloud also plans to increase investment in the industry market, deepen service innovation in fields such as cloud-cloud collaboration, Go-Global, and industrial Internet. Huawei Cloud is intent on providing customers with better technologies and services, and expanding the business space.

In terms of cloud-cloud collaboration, Huawei Cloud will deeply collaborate with Huawei Mobile Services, Vehicle Cloud, BP & IT Cloud, and third-party clouds, generating synergy with Internet enterprises, coordinating capabilities and enabling joint operations, business promotion, and content collaboration, helping Internet enterprises scale new heights. In addition, this solution helps small- and medium-sized enterprises take advantage of agile innovation and accelerate business success.

Based on Huawei's own experience with security compliance, global network infrastructure capabilities, over 20 years of local operations experience outside China, and a robust global ecosystem, Huawei Cloud has developed a solution covering security compliance, application acceleration, intelligent localization, and enterprise services. We provide one-stop cloud services with a consistent experience for industries such as gaming, e-commerce, entertainment, social networking, and finance, services that help enterprises expand their services around the world.

In the industrial Internet field, Huawei Cloud released the industrial Internet platform FusionPlant in 2018. After four years of development, more than 40 industrial Internet cloud innovation centers have been established in China, and more than 50 regional industry service platforms have been built. In 2022, Huawei Cloud will build an industrial aPaaS to provide industrial data management, industrial kernel engine, and industrial model resource library capabilities, and enable industrial SaaS.

In the future, Huawei Cloud will continue to innovate and work with customers, partners, and developers to capture the potential of "Dive into digital with Everything as a Service", building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world.