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Huawei Cloud: The Cloud Foundation and Industry Enabler with Everything as a Service

Apr 20, 2023

[Shenzhen, China, April 20, 2023] At the 20th Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) held in Shenzhen from April 19 to 20, Huawei Cloud shared its proven expertise in digitalization and customer success. Huawei Cloud Stack announced plans to strategically invest in three propositions: "Tap into Cloud Native", "Innovate in Cloud", and "Draw on Expertise and Experience".


Boosting Global Business Growth with Everything as a Service

2022 was a year of rapid growth for Huawei Cloud. Gao Jianghai, President of Huawei Public Cloud Business Dept, said in his speech "Becoming the Cloud Foundation and Industry Enabler with Everything as a Service" that 2023 will be a year of continued innovation where Huawei Cloud tailors Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and Expertise as a Service to industry-specific needs to boost operational excellence and customer success in digital transformation.

Gao Jianghai, President of Huawei Public Cloud Business Dept

In 2022, Huawei Cloud achieved CNY45.3 billion in global sales. More than 800 government clouds are built on Huawei Cloud. Its "One City, One Cloud" strategy works in more than 150 cities. More than 300 financial institutions, including six major banks and 12 joint-stock commercial banks, 90% of top 50 e-commerce companies, and 90% of top 30 automotive companies in China have migrated their services to Huawei Cloud.

For Infrastructure as a Service, Huawei Cloud built KooVerse, a global cloud infrastructure of quality cloud services accessible in 30 ms in China and 50 ms globally.

Running on Huawei's ICT expertise, KooVerse is connected to the networks of more than 2,000 carriers. It guarantees a premium static experience by one hop to cloud and a deterministic network experience by intelligent scheduling. This is done by measuring network traffic, latency, and packet loss from multiple dimensions, and finding the optimal path across massive BGP routes in just seconds based on network reliability, cost, and other service characteristics.

Security, stability, and quality are always first priority. Huawei Cloud has developed Deterministic SRE with a high-availability architecture, dynamic risk governance, intelligent O&M, and quality awareness. Quality is ensured from design, development, rollout, to O&M. Services safeguarded by Deterministic SRE enjoy an availability of over 99.99%, with faults prevented, controlled, and rectified.

For Technology as a Service, Huawei Cloud accelerates application modernization with four pipelines: CodeArts for software, DataArts for data, ModelArts for AI, and MetaStudio for digital content. In addition, DataArts and ModelArts collaborate via data-AI convergence that features converged resource pool, data management, workbench, and lake-warehouse-intelligence. Businesses are now able to build intelligence into their services more easily.

For Expertise as a Service, Huawei Cloud pools years of experience and best practices into MacroVerse aPaaS to serve a wide of industries, such as government, finance, and manufacturing. Huawei Cloud has since released core aPaaS, such as KooMessage and KooMap, and seven industry-specific aPaaS: Industrial aPaaS, Heating aPaaS, Government aPaaS, Mining aPaaS, Education aPaaS, Electricity aPaaS, and Roadway aPaaS. MacroVerse aPaaS has more than 50 scenario-based cloud services and over 100,000 API services, and these are widely used in more than 10 vertical markets.

In terms of ecosystem, Huawei Cloud released two new partner frameworks focusing on partner competency: GoCloud and GrowCloud. These frameworks help partners develop their own unique capabilities and create opportunities for collaboration. By the end of 2022, Huawei Cloud had gathered 4 million developers and 41,000 partners across the globe, and had had 10,000 products released in KooGallery.

Huawei Cloud will build more teams aiming at operational excellence and customer success to help customers better go, use, and manage the cloud.


Dive into Cloud and Thrive with Digital

Operations is key to diving into cloud. Shang Haifeng, President of Huawei Cloud Stack, in the keynote speech entitled "Dive into Cloud and Thrive with Digital", said: "In 2022, Huawei Cloud Stack conducted continuous operations for valued customers and saw fast business growth. In 2023, we will continue tapping into cloud native, innovating in cloud, and drawing on expertise and experience to help enterprises beef up cloud operations and move faster, to dive into cloud."

Shang Haifeng, President of Huawei Cloud Stack

By 2022, Huawei Cloud Stack had provided a cloud foundation for digital transformation of more than 5,200 government and enterprise customers around the world, including over 800 government cloud customers, over 300 financial institutions, and 70 Fortune 500 companies. Backed by such extensive global customers, Huawei Cloud Stack saw fast business growth in the enterprise market and the revenue from continuous operations reached 50% of the total, the first time. The revenue from cloud services increased by 100%.

·    Tap into Cloud Native

Huawei Cloud Stack, cloud infrastructure deployed on-premises, is synchronized with the architecture and latest cloud services of the Huawei public cloud. It is designed for enterprises to establish secure, trusted, and intelligent cloud-native infrastructure. Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2, the latest version, provides more than 90 cloud services in 13 categories, an industry-leading standard. New technical advances, such as AI, AI Cortex, and industrial Internet, have been put into place for intelligent upgrade. Moving forward, Huawei Cloud Stack envisions continuously enhancing product portfolios to provide more powerful solutions more closely matched to specific scenarios and to the needs of enterprises diving into cloud. The solutions may include unit-based application deployment, more efficient collection, convergence, and governance of industrial Internet data, and aPaaS integration. Huawei Cloud Stack will try their best to help customers fill the technology gap in developing scenario-specific applications and empower customers to tap into more cloud-native technologies.

·    Innovate in Cloud

Huawei Cloud Stack acts as a preferred foundation to enable digital transformation of diverse industries. They have been closely collaborating with Huawei's multiple industry account departments to identify similar needs in different industry scenarios and to develop standardized solutions covering cloud service combinations, networking, configurations, and applications. To date, Huawei Cloud Stack has released more than 30 industry- and scenario-specific solutions, for example, the CityCore solution for the Futian district of Shenzhen province and an integrated financial solution for Jiangsu province. These solutions have helped many pioneering companies in different industries dive into cloud.

·    Draw on Expertise and Experience

Cloud computing is not only a mere transformation of technologies and services, but also of approaches and experience. In 2022, Huawei Cloud Stack launched more than 70 professional services in eight categories. They also worked with industry customers and institutions to release a series of white papers or books, for example, Modern Financial Core System, Financial Digitalization Best Practices, and City Digital Twins. Huawei Cloud Stack aims to share digital transformation expertise and experience with customers of every industry.

Huawei Cloud Stack proposed a forward-thinking "3+4+5" operations strategy, which means they will intensify efforts in three domains, for four types of customers, and with a focus on five major capabilities. The three domains are cloud migration, cloud use, and cloud management. The four types of customers are classified by their technical capabilities. The five major capabilities are cloud migration, diving into cloud, industry enablement, O&M assurance, and an operations framework. Huawei Cloud Stack is constantly improving O&M services and consolidating their own experience in digital transformation and best practices to serve customers in diverse industries. In the future, they look to bring more benefits to more industries.


Efficiency and Experience Are Vital When Innovating Cloud Architecture

Gu Jiongjiong, Huawei Fellow & Huawei Cloud Chief Architect, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Next-Generation Cloud Architecture for Industry Digitalization & Intelligence". Gu believes that powerful computing and development underpin next-gen architecture, but they require even more cloud efficiency and experience.

Gu Jiongjiong, Huawei Fellow & Huawei Cloud Chief Architect

Addressing utilization and resource balancing issues will require a focus on cross-region and cross-cloud-edge resource supply and billing, as well as scalable resources. Embracing serverless architecture is a key step towards achieving these goals. The efficiency of ultimate NPU/GPU heterogeneous computing depends on three factors: ultra-low latency, ultra-high bandwidth, and the parallel computing architecture adaptation of cloud services such as AI inference. To achieve this, development should rely more on low-code platforms, AI, metadata, general AI foundation models, and cloud-native digital twin engines. However, there are technical barriers in various fields, including wireless 5G, FTTx driving networks, open Internet, physical private line backbone networks, upper-layer cloud services, and cloud applications, that need to be addressed. By establishing one global network, real-time bidirectional perception, and control architecture mechanisms between cloud applications and the underlying network, Huawei Cloud can truly achieve end-to-end controllable QoS awareness.

Huawei Cloud's next steps are to build more partners, connect more developers, and serve more customers, as a cloud foundation and industry enabler with Everything as a Service.