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KubeCon Europe 2023: Huawei Cloud Kuasar Promotes Cloud Evolution

Apr 27, 2023

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 was held from April 18 to 21 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As leading cloud native enterprise and staunch supporter of open source, Huawei joined over 10 experts to introduce new products and share practices, analyze case studies, and envision the future of the industry.

At the conference, Bill Ren, CNCF director and Huawei chief open source liaison officer, gave a keynote speech on Cloud Native 2.0: Uplift Productivity with Openness and Innovation, pointing out that we should further drive cloud native in traditional industries, while combining the openness and innovation of cloud native with the productivity of key industries.

Bill Ren, CNCF Board Director and Huawei Chief Open Source Liaison Officer

The digital economy is revolutionizing industries and challenging cloud native with sandbox, an isolation technology. Available solutions include kernel-based native sandbox, MicroVM sandbox based on lightweight virtualization, and application kernel sandbox based on process-level virtualization. The problem with using a single sandbox is the inability to cover all cloud native services, but using multiple types of sandboxes puts more strain on O&M.

To address this problem, Huawei Cloud translates years of experience in production and sandbox development into Kuasar. This new cloud native open source project is now implemented integrated with emerging sandbox APIs. Kuasar retains the advantages of traditional container runtime. To cover all cloud native services, it further reduces management overheads, simplifies call links, and flexibly supports mainstream sandboxes with full Rust implementation and framework optimization. Kuasar supports node sharing among multiple sandboxes for higher security and efficiency at lower cost.

Kuasar: An efficient multi-sandbox container runtime

Mr. Ren summarized that Huawei Cloud is the first cloud vendor in China to introduce cloud native. As CNCF's only founding member from Asia and China's first platinum member, Huawei Cloud proposes Cloud Native 2.0 as a concept and architecture for making traditional industries (such as government, finance, and manufacturing) cloud native. In addition to Kuasar, Huawei Cloud also announced the world's first Multi-Cloud Container Platform (MCP), all-flash container engine, next-generation container cluster CCE Turbo, and Ubiquitous Cloud-Native Service (UCS). Huawei Cloud is Asia's top code contributor to Kubernetes and Istio, and has contributed open source projects such as KubeEdge, Volcano, and Karmada to CNCF. "Huawei Cloud will continue to pioneer, innovate, and contribute to local communities," emphasized Mr. Ren.

As of the end of 2022, Huawei Cloud has more than 41,000 partners and 4 million developers, becoming one of the leaders in cloud native. "We believe openness and innovation are crucial to a cloud native ecosystem. Huawei Cloud works with partners to bring value and productivity to industry and to society." said Mr. Ren.