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Huawei Cloud: A Better Cloud for Brasil with "In Brasil, For Brasil" Commitment

Nov 23, 2023 GMT+08:00

[Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 22, 2023] Today, the Huawei Cloud Summit Brasil was held in Sao Paulo. This summit, focused on Brazil's digital economy, brought together local government officials, experts, scholars, customers, and partners, where they joined Huawei Cloud to delve into technological innovations and industry practices that drive the digital transformation for local enterprises.

Derrick Sun, CEO of Huawei Brazil, stated that Huawei has been deeply engaged in Brazil for 25 years and has always adhered to the "In Brasil, For Brasil" commitment. Huawei strives to become an important partner for Brazil's digitalization and green and low-carbon development. Huawei Cloud has been delivering cloud services of exceptional quality and low latency in Brazil since 2019. Over the past four years, more than 80 Huawei Cloud services have been released. Huawei Cloud has been experiencing a significant growth in carriers, ISV, e-commerce, logistics, and FinTech, winning thousands of customers and becoming the fastest-growing cloud in Brazil.

Derrick Sun, CEO of Huawei Brazil

Mark Chen, President of Huawei Cloud Global Solution Sales, said that with cutting-edge innovation and industry expertise, Huawei Cloud aims to become the cloud foundation for an intelligent world and provide better options for each customer. These options include better technologies, practices, and services.


Better Technologies

Technical innovation has long been the focus of Huawei Cloud. As of now, Huawei Cloud has launched over 240 cloud services and 100,000 APIs. Huawei Cloud has been named in the Leaders quadrant in 10 product and solution dimensions, ranked No. 1 in 20 market segments. At this Summit, Huawei Cloud showcased its latest achievements and practices in cloud native, AI, data governance, databases, and digital content production.

Mark Chen, President of Huawei Cloud Global Solution Sales

As the only founding member of CNCF from Asia, Huawei Cloud continuously delivers cutting-edge cloud native services along with comprehensive products and solutions from Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, to Expertise as a Service.

Huawei Cloud released Pangu Models 3.0 this year. Sticking to its "AI for Industries" strategy, Huawei Cloud tailors its Pangu models for a wide range of industries, such as finance, manufacturing, mining, meteorology, and railway, empowering everyone from every industry with an intelligent assistant. In meteorology, the Pangu weather model is the first AI model to have surpassed state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction (NWP) methods. The prediction speed is also several orders of magnitude faster. In the past, predicting the trajectory of a typhoon for the next 10 days took 5 hours. Now, the Pangu weather model can do that in 10 just seconds. These results were published in renowned scientific journal Nature this July.

Huawei Cloud builds DataArts, a one-stop data governance pipeline to convert mass and complex disordered data into high-quality data for data-driven decision-making. Creditas, a major FinTech company in Brazil, leverages DataArts to maximize the value of financial data and evaluate loan requests from customers.

GaussDB, a ultra-distributed, ultra-scalable cloud database that has revolutionized the way we build databases, has been widely applied not only within Huawei but also in sectors like banking, insurance, securities, and energy. To illustrate its effectiveness, consider MV Sistemas, the largest medical information company in Brazil, which seamlessly migrated its data from on-premises databases to GaussDB to efficiently process and analyze complex data at scale. This migration has allowed them to intelligently manage their data while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

MetaStudio is Huawei Cloud's one-stop digital content production pipeline. Utilizing the Pangu virtual human model, MetaStudio redefines the productivity of virtual humans where a personalized virtual human can come to life from previously 9 person-days to just 3 minutes now.


Better Practices

Today, Huawei Cloud has established 84 availability zones (AZs) in 30 Regions and serves over 3 million customers in more than 170 countries and regions. Huawei Cloud is extending its digital transformation expertise into Brazil. Yang Hua, President of Huawei Cloud Brazil, shared insights on how to assist customers in expanding businesses through ongoing innovation on the cloud. He introduced five industry-specific solutions, namely e-commerce, media, finance, digital government, and carrier, which aim to expedite the digital transformation journey of Brazilian enterprises.

Yang Hua, President of Huawei Cloud Brazil

For e-commerce companies, Huawei Cloud is able to enhance their consumer analysis and search precision by 10%, speed up page loading by 30%, double the resource elasticity, and ensure smooth livestreaming with low-bit HD technologies.

In the media industry, Huawei Cloud is proficient in improving content productivity, enhancing user experience, and fostering innovation. During the 2022 World Cup, Huawei Cloud Low Latency Live (LLL) reduced the live latency from 3 seconds to 800 milliseconds.

Huawei Cloud has successfully accelerated the completion of a digital banking project from several months to just a few days. Moreover, DataArts enables banks to effectively combat fraud and manage risks associated in the pre-loan, in-loan, and post-loan processes. Banks can also use Huawei Cloud virtual humans for product introduction, customer services, training, and enablement.

In the government services field, Huawei Cloud eases the build of e-government clouds and unifies resource construction, application development, and data management. In China, Changsha has successfully established a digital government operating round the clock on Huawei Cloud. This advanced system accommodates a total of 397 government applications from 78 organizations. On the cloud, applications can run securely and stably and provide better services.

Huawei Cloud helps carriers go digital, improve efficiency, accelerate innovation, and increase revenue.


Better Services

Huawei Cloud not only offers advanced technologies and industry practices, but also establishes a comprehensive customer service system that covers all aspects of customer needs. According to Xu Jingbin, Director of Huawei Cloud Computing Global Delivery Service and Continuous Operation, Huawei Cloud Professional Services offer a wide range of services including consultation and planning, cloud migration and implementation, O&M and management, optimization and improvement, training and certification, and enterprise support plans. With over 80 service products and 900 ecosystem partner services, Huawei aims to provide intelligent, end-to-end, and full-lifecycle services on the cloud, making it easier for customers to migrate to the cloud and continuously innovate their services.

Xu Jingbin,Director of Huawei Cloud Computing Global Delivery Service and Continuous Operation

Growing globally, Huawei Cloud has established a "1+3+2" global shared service center (SSC) system, including one global SSC in China, three regional SSCs in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe, and two national SSCs in Thailand and Türkiye.

The Huawei Cloud service team in Brazil works together with the support centers in Mexico and China to deliver 24/7 assistance for their customers in Brazil. The Huawei Cloud Brazil service team will provide services in Portuguese in the coming future. Furthermore, Huawei Cloud service team has a vast network of over 100,000 proficient experts, engineers, and service partners across the globe. They have developed over 100 intelligent one-stop cloud migration tools and have accumulated successful experience in diverse industries. This enables them to provide comprehensive support to customers in Brazil from various sectors, helping them achieve their business objectives.

Brazil's digital economy accounts for 25% of its GDP at present. The country's strategy for digital transformation includes greater investment and adoption of cloud and AI technologies. The next decade will be the golden age for Brazil's digital transformation. With more innovative technologies, richer industry expertise, and better customer services, Huawei Cloud aims to help customers better go, use, and manage the cloud. Bridging China and Brazil, Huawei Cloud strives to facilitate the growth of Chinese enterprises in Brazil and empower Brazilian businesses to thrive in the Chinese market.