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Huawei Cloud Named Leader in Emerging Asia-Pacific Hybrid Cloud Market

Dec 19, 2023 GMT+08:00

Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting firm, recently released the Emerging Asia-Pacific Hybrid Cloud Market Report 2022 report. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of how the emerging hybrid cloud market developed and how market share was distributed in Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Thailand, and other countries or regions. In this report, Huawei Cloud was named a "Leader" and positioned ahead of all other providers in terms of market performance, technical innovation, and customer services. Huawei Cloud also took No. 1 market share in Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.

According to the report, cloud-based deployment, especially hybrid cloud deployment, is the top choice for government agencies, financial institutions, operators, and other large organizations in Asia Pacific to reduce operational expenditure (OPEX), improve scalability and resilience, enhance security and intelligence, and promote global carbon neutrality.

Also, the report stated that a comprehensive solution, robust data security and compliance systems, outstanding customer support, and continuous innovation are key success factors for hybrid cloud providers. Huawei Cloud has always excelled in these factors, with their leading technologies, profound industry-specific expertise, and comprehensive systems for serving government and enterprise customers. According to the report's assessment of 12 major hybrid cloud providers, Huawei Cloud edged out the competition in market performance, technical innovation, and customer services, which made them a Leader in the emerging Asia-Pacific hybrid cloud market.

Huawei Cloud Stack: a Hybrid Cloud Made for Enterprise

Huawei Cloud provides an industry-leading hybrid cloud solution, Huawei Cloud Stack, to help large enterprises dive into cloud and accelerate intelligent upgrade. Serving as on-premises cloud infrastructure, Huawei Cloud Stack improves security and compliance. Synchronized with services from the Huawei public cloud, it also allows for continuous iteration. To inspire technological innovation and create new value for more industries, Huawei Cloud Stack has taken three approaches:

·   Trusted, resilient cloud native infrastructure: Huawei Cloud Stack provides a range of scenario-specific disaster recovery (DR) and backup solutions, which enhance service reliability. It provides a comprehensive security architecture with SecMaster at the center and 7 more layers of protection surrounding it — a solid solution for end-to-end security. And Huawei Cloud Stack's intelligent cloud management platform, ManageOne, centrally manages services, operations, and maintenance. It supports up to five levels of virtual data centers (VDCs), enables fine-grained permissions control, and provides a broad set of dashboards for more efficient management.

·   Extensive cloud services to make innovation easier: Huawei Cloud Stack delivers ever-evolving cloud services as it shares the same DNA as the Huawei public cloud. Huawei Cloud Stack is the industry's first hybrid cloud that can be used to deploy large models. It provides the industry's most comprehensive AI pipeline including computing platforms, cloud services, development suites, and professional service — an AI pipeline that can help enterprises build their own large models in one stop.

·   Industry know-hows for shared excellence: With profound experience enabling cloud transformation across industries, Huawei Cloud Stack has released more than 40 solutions for national AI clouds, national government clouds, financial clouds, and other industry-specific use cases.


The Preferred Choice for Intelligent Upgrade of Asia-Pacific Enterprises

Huawei Cloud Stack serves more than 5,200 customers around the world, including over 800 government cloud customers, over 300 financial institutions, and 70 Fortune 500 companies. In Asia Pacific, Huawei Cloud Stack has been used to deploy over 200 clouds for customers in the sectors like government, finance, operator, and large enterprises. Huawei Cloud Stack has become the top choice for Asia-Pacific customers to promote intelligent upgrade:

·   For government: Huawei Cloud helped National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) at Thailand deploy a national government cloud using Huawei Cloud Stack. Thanks to on-premises, full-stack hybrid cloud capabilities provided by Huawei Cloud Stack, the government cloud has taken public services of multiple government organizations to the next level. Huawei Cloud also leveraged Huawei Cloud Stack to help Siriraj Hospital establish unified IT infrastructure. The robust infrastructure helped this largest public hospital in Thailand quickly scale and optimize their IT services.

·   For finance: Huawei Cloud Stack helped Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) in Indonesia deploy an on-premises cloud platform. The platform automates deployment of diverse services and enables fast service rollout. It also provides efficient centralized maintenance, which helps experts in BNC stay more focused on innovation.

·   For operators: Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka's flagship telecommunications service provider, leveraged Huawei Cloud Stack to run mission-critical applications for customers in government, finance, large enterprises, and to manage their internal applications. Huawei Cloud Stack also empowered Dialog's customers in Sri Lanka to access services from the Huawei public cloud. CTM Cloud, the sole local cloud service provider in Macao, China, used Huawei Cloud Stack to build an on-premises B2B cloud that ensures data is not transferred outside Macao. Huawei Cloud Stack has provided companies in Macao with a powerful, secure, and stable cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies like AI and big data, which has helped Digital Macao gain momentum. Dhiraagu, a leading Maldivian telecommunications company, harnessed Huawei Cloud Stack to centrally manage both on-premises clouds and public clouds. Huawei Cloud Stack has also provided AI, big data, and other innovative cloud services for Dhiraagu, which has helped them slash their total cost of ownership (TCO).

·   For large enterprises: OREL IT, the largest IT employer in Sri Lanka, has increased their B2B revenue using the resale, value-added, and advanced cloud services from Huawei Cloud. With Huawei Cloud, OREL IT is now able to easily manage their AI application users, create unified applications, and provide video services for their end users. All these benefits help them unlock new opportunities. Huawei Cloud Stack also helped Detik Network in Indonesia improve efficiency without compromising to their live streaming quality.

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A Superb Professional Service System

Huawei Cloud Stack has developed over 100 professional services based on years of experience in digital transformation, both internally and for government and enterprise customers. These professional services support the entire cloud journey from consultation, planning, construction, and migration to cloud service support, operations, maintenance, customer development, and industry-tailored support. Huawei Cloud Stack has also deployed five international O&M centers that can help customers use the cloud more reliably and securely. Moreover, backed by such superb professional service system, Huawei Cloud Stack's over 10 local service teams in Asia Pacific are always there to help Asia-Pacific customers quickly deploy, smoothly move to, dive deep into, and efficiently manage the cloud.

Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud will continue to spur innovation, expand industry expertise, and develop more customer-centric services to help more Asia-Pacific customers move to, use, and manage the cloud better. Huawei Cloud will join hands with more Asia-Pacific partners and customers to drive the constant development of digital economy in Asia Pacific.