In our digital age, high bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity are a catalyst for "N gigabit" data sources. Huawei releases the Hybrid Video Solution that provides ultra-HD, IPTV, and OTT services for large screens and mobile devices, as well as video services for both fixed and mobile devices. In addition, the solution delivers fully immersive experience of Cloud VR and spatial video services that combines TV screens and mobile devices with premium VR technology. Huawei is a believer in collaboration with partners, and plans to overhaul the traditional practices in the video industry, and bring it into the digital age.

Product and Solution


Huawei Hybrid Video Solution is a premium solution built on the concept of "fast, simple, enjoyable, and caring". It offers a uniform approach to cloud-based converged video platform, providing optimal user playback, performance, cost, and O&M. It is designed to provide superb video quality on large TV screens and mobile devices, as well as fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services.

The solution offers video services for end users over various networks, such as IPTV, OTT, DVB, and Cable. It leverages premium video technology to build a smart home ecosystem and promote industry upgrade with capability openness. Best-in-class video experience runs on a simplified network and open ecosystem, helping develop quality video networks for anyone and accelerating the business success of video services.

● IPTV: Services are delivered over the managed network, and subscribers access to IPTV services over STBs.

● OTT: Services are delivered over the unmanaged network and subscribers access to OTT services over PCs and STBs.


Based on Kunpeng and Ascend, Huawei Hybrid Video Solution develops high-performance media processing and computing capabilities. With the theme of "immersive and free", the solution integrates VR services and spatial video services designed for the interworking among large TV screens, mobile devices, and VR screens.

The solution joins industry standard organizations, partners, and carriers to develop and verify VR industry standards for entry-level VR terminals and prototype scenarios. The solution achieves a dual-gigabit network for best-in-class video experience. It also provides powerful edge media processing using value-added services, and continuous ensures ecosystem security and competitive advantages for each party, harnessing new business models for closed-loop business.

●Cloud VR: Supports VR encoding and transcoding, 2D-to-3D conversion, HD at low bitrate, and smart frame interpolation. It is a perfect option for VR scenarios, including IMAX, live streaming, VOD, education, and gaming.

● Spatial video: Supports spatial video services, including free-view, bullet time, multi-view, and remarkable moments capture.

Interactive Community

Hybrid Video Developer Community
Hybrid Video Developer Community

The community offers a one-stop service platform for developers and ecosystem partners to learn, develop, and verify new information. It provides open APIs, secondary development videos and tutorials, and sandbox and diagnosis tools for a complete understanding to all Cloud VR and spatial video application scenarios.

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