SSL Certificate Manager

SSL Certificate Manager (SCM) is a service that provides one-stop lifecycle management of digital certificates, ensuring trusted authentication and secure connections.

Product Advantages
  • Easy to Use

    Easily apply for, manage, query, and distribute certificates.

  • Flexible

    Choose from a variety of trusted CAs including Globalsign and CFCA.

  • Secure and Reliable

    SCM manages certificates securely and reliably, with a top-notch encryption solution developed by Huawei and a reliable distributed storage and service architecture.

  • Fast and Considerate

    CA certificates are issued within 24 hours of applying for them. For any doubts, a professional service team is ready to help you at all times.

Application Scenarios
  • Website Authentication

  • Application Authentication

  • Data Transmission Protection

Website Authentication

Website Authentication

With SCM, your websites can offer a higher level of encryption, securing connections and transactions.


Trusted CAs

Certificates issued by qualified CAs offer a very high level of encryption.

Trusted Identity

Certificate-based website authentication verifies the identity of websites.

Different Certificate Types

Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation SSL certificates are provided for different business needs.

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Application Authentication

Application Authentication

SCM provides authentication for cloud and mobile applications.


Secure and Trusted

Certificate-based authentication for cloud applications such as CRM, OA, and ERP, and mobile applications.

Centralized Management

A single platform for requesting, distributing, managing, and querying digital certificates.

Data Transmission Protection

Data Transmission Protection

SCM protects data transmitted between a client and a website or application.


Encrypted Transmission

Data transmitted between a client and a website or application is encrypted to prevent interception and tampering and protect integrity.

Easy to Use

SCM lets you easily apply for, manage, query, and push certificates.

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  • One-Click Push

    Certificates can be quickly pushed to cloud services with a single click.

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