Service Content

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design

    Helps you select cloud products that suit your business needs and provides cloud migration feasibility analysis and cloud infrastructure design for you.

  • Cloud Network Design

    Provides networking design for public cloud services, including VPC, VPN, ACL, and security group, based on your networks and your requirements.

  • Host Migration Design

    Provides online or offline host migration plans.

  • Database Migration Design

    Recommends full or incremental data migration based on the features of your service, with a detailed database migration plan offered.

  • Storage Data Migration Design

    Recommends full or incremental data migration based on the features of your service, with a detailed storage data migration plan offered.

  • Infrastructure Deployment

    Helps you complete the implementation of the cloud infrastructure. For example, we assist you in purchasing and provisioning of ECS, RDS, and other cloud resources and migrating from legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud.

  • Network Deployment

    Helps you deploy private lines, virtual private networks (VPNs), virtual private clouds (VPCs), security groups, and ACLs according to the cloud migration plan.

  • Host Migration

    Helps you migrate host OSs to HUAWEI CLOUD in online or offline mode according to the cloud migration plan.

  • Database Migration

    Helps you migrate databases in full or incrementally according to the cloud migration plan.

  • Storage Data Migration

    Helps you migrate local data to the cloud in full or incrementally, verify the migration result, and complete the cutover from offline storage to cloud storage.


You can accept the cloud migration service according to the migration plan. If everything works as it should, sign the Cloud Migration Acceptance Report.