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Online E KYC and Origination

Real time Product com position and marketing campaign

Full lifecycle risk control

Sunline Digital Loan Solution

About Sunline

About Sunline

Sunline is a leader in financial technology services in China, currently has more than 6000 employees worldwide serving beyond 800 banking and finance customers. Sunline digital core banking solution is leading the market in this new banking construction era.

CTO Challenges

CTO Challenges

* Threat from Fintech

* System lacks agility

* Slow to Market

* Poor engagement experiences

* High TCO

* Limited system performance & scalability

* Risk Of Change

* Real time remote account opening and biometric identity authentication via Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

* Quick online loan origination, approval, and fund disbursement

* Real time formulation of promotions and marketing campaign

* Flexible post loan processing, immediate loan extension evaluation

* Full customer life cycle risk control

* Quick access for ecosystem partners via standard open APIs

* Fast deployment



  • All in One
  • Cover full life cycle of loan, provide from front-end to back-end processing

  • AI & Open Technology
  • Open tech stack and AI enabled

  • Time to Market
  • Real time new loan product on market

  • Ecosystem
  • Open API enabled easy ecosystem

Solution Highlights

Solution Highlights

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Sunline Digital Loan Solution

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