Manufacturing CADaaS

The Manufacturing CADaaS solution relies on Huawei's cloud service capabilities to aggregate the CAD industry ecosystem and provide enterprises with secure, on-demand CAD services anywhere and at any time.
Solution Advantages
  • Rich Ecosystem

    In-depth cooperation with mainstream CAD vendors provides users with diversified software choices and an optimized user experience.

  • Excellent Experience

    Huawei's unique desktop transmission protocol replaces the local workstation with a cloud workstation to provide a more convenient and flexible work experience.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Design document storage is secure and reliable, preventing the leakage of local copies and the loss of documents due to hard disk damage.

  • Quick and On-demand

    On-demand task creation, plug-and-play capabilities, and the ability to handle abrupt increases in design service requirements, freeing from hardware procurement, installation, deployment, and maintenance.

Business Challenges
  • Slow Hardware and Software Updates

    Hardware is updated infrequently, once every three to five years after its purchase. Software uses permanent licenses, and it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest version.

  • Unavailable Mobile Office

    Users must work at fixed stations and cannot access the design environment to view design drawings at the time and place of their choosing.

  • Difficult O&M Management

    Maintenance is difficult to manage, with high energy consumption and O&M costs.

  • Security

    There is no effective means of denying access by unauthorized devices through USB, serial, and parallel ports. As a result, design documents may be disclosed.

Business Framework

The Manufacturing CADaaS solution provides easy-to-use and easy-to-understand functions to help engineers and design personnel complete their designs more quickly and shorten product development time, reduce costs, and improve design quality.

Solution Architectures


The CAD tool and standard library are deployed on the cloud, and design documents are stored on the cloud, to ensure enterprise data security. Users can access data through a variety of terminals, including thin clients, laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Users can deploy their own software licenses on a GPU-accelerated Workspace in Bring your own license (BYOL) mode. Debugging and optimization allow the CAD applications of Huawei’s partners to run smoothly on the GPU-accelerated Workspace and support high-performance application architecture.


  • Rich ecosystem
  • Excellent experience
  • Secure and reliable
  • Quick and on-demand
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