Financial Transaction Dual-recording

The Financial Transaction Dual-recording solution deploys a dual-recording system based on HUAWEI CLOUD to record and store audios and videos during financial transactions, for review and random check, ensuring that the sales of financial products are traceable and manageable.
Solution Advantages
  • On-Demand Services

    Resources are provisioned on demand. Complex engineering deployment processes such as engineering planning and cabling are not required, facilitating quick service deployment and rollout.

  • Superb Network Experience

    HUAWEI CLOUD CDN provides 500+ acceleration nodes with extensive resources to cover mainstream carriers, providing users with stable acceleration and optimal network experience.

  • Low Access Latency

    With intelligent scheduling, OBS uses transfer acceleration to improve your data access experience by means of high concurrency, large bandwidth, and low latency.

  • 24/7 Service Support

    Huawei has a standardized service support system and local service teams around the world, providing 24/7 services.

Business Challenges
  • Costly Self-hosted System

    Traditional IT system construction features huge initial investment, low resource utilization, and long construction period from planning to implementation, which cannot meet fast service rollout requirements.

  • High O&M Costs

    A self-hosted IT system requires a professional O&M team to maintain IT facilities and resolve problems in a timely manner. The cost is high and enterprises cannot focus on core services.

  • Insufficient Capacity and Poor Reliability

    Generally, audio and video data during financial transactions must be stored for at least 10 years, which poses great challenges to enterprises in storage capacity and reliability in both production and disaster recovery scenarios.

  • Network Security Risks

    To cope with various network attacks such as SQL injections, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses, professional security teams and effective security products are required to protect service data.

Solution Architectures


Deploys a dual-recording system based on HUAWEI CLOUD to record and store audios and videos during financial transactions, for review and random check, meeting the requirement that the sales of financial products must be traceable and manageable.


  • Instant on-demand provisioning
  • Load balance and high-concurrency access
  • Reliable large-capacity storage
  • Single-click backup and restoration
  • Comprehensive security protection
  • Dynamic BGP and automatic failover
Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Provides a secure, reliable, flexible, and efficient deployment platform for the dual-recording system. Its availability can reach 99.95%, ensuring that services remain stable and reliable.
  • Object Storage Service
    Based on a multi-level reliability architecture, the data durability reaches 99.999999999 (eleven nines), which ensures reliable data recording and storage of the dual-recording system.
  • Elastic Load Balance
    Clusters provide high-concurrency connections to meet the high-concurrency access requirements of the dual-recording system. In addition, clusters can be deployed across AZs to meet high availability requirements.

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