App Performance Optimization

This solution helps you to monitor and manage both performance and faults of e-commerce apps in real time. It ensures optimum performance and user experience by testing the stress on links supporting flash sales, while also quickly diagnosing and locating performance bottlenecks.
Solution Advantages
  • End-to-End User Experience

    Real-time control over user experience; full-stack flow testing and analysis from web clients or mobile terminals to the server; and clear display of customer satisfaction and performance data distribution by area

  • High-Performance Full-link Pressure Testing

    Full-link pressure testing for handling millions of concurrent requests and multiple transactions; on-demand execution machines expansion of and professional performance test reports, supporting increasing service scale; and large-scale daily throughput to cope with heavy service traffic, safeguarding user experience

  • Minute-level Diagnosis & Fault Locating

    Minute-level fault locating supported by app topology and call chain tracing; real-time app transaction analysis; automatic app performance scoring, helping you comprehensively improve user experience

  • Easy Access

    Non-intrusive collection of performance data and easy access without requiring source code modification; user-friendly products with open, standard O&M data search interfaces and performance indicator collection; and development-testing-O&M collaboration

Business Challenges
  • Poor User Experience

    During e-commerce promotions, the instantaneous access traffic can increase to dozens or even hundreds of times the average, causing extreme server load. In this case, the system may repeatedly place orders, the inventory may be repeatedly deducted, and request response is slow, causing poor user experience.

  • Burdensome Link Pressure Testing

    Complex technologies and a long period of time are required for setting up a pressure testing environment. Even them, manual pressure testing cannot simulate numerous concurrent requests that will occur during promotions. Experienced performance testing and optimization experts are scarce, and building a professional team is costly.

  • Arduous Abnormality Locating

    O&M personnel cannot access real-time app throughput, QPS, error rate, delay, load status, and SQL execution status, making detecting system problems difficult. Without effective diagnosis and analysis tools, background call chains and service dependencies are masked to system administrators, making troubleshooting slow and difficult.

  • Difficult Collaboration

    After the development, potential system performance bugs cannot be detected, because the testing department cannot simulate a large-scale promotion. If problems occur after the system goes online, O&M personnel cannot quickly and accurately locate the faults because they are not familiar with the underlying code. If multi-party development is involved, it is difficult to cooperate and assign responsibilities.

Typical Scenarios
  • User Experience Analysis

  • Full-link Pressure Testing

  • App Topology Analysis

  • Fault Diagnosis

  • Performance Optimization

  • DevOps Collaboration

User Experience Analysis

End-to-end transaction monitoring, improving user experience

  1. End-to-End Transaction Monitoring

    Monitors all service transactions in real time and analyzes full-stack service flow from web clients or mobile terminals to the server, covering the entire customer experience process, from login, browsing, purchase, to final payment.
    Displays each transaction SLA and scores the app performance, ensuring optimal user experience.

  2. Improved User Experience

    Quickly identifies problematic service processes and fixes the problems to improve user experience.

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Full-link Pressure Testing

Online performance testing and peak performance testing, helping verify app capacity before promotions

  1. Simulation Test

    Simulates millions of instantaneous concurrent access requests to test whether the system can handle the pressure or break down.

  2. Scalable as Needed

    Offers on-demand capacity expansion based on server throughput, improving resource utilization.

  3. Complex Test for Various Scenarios

    Supports flexible transaction combinations and various test standards for different phases, such as login and ordering, to find bottlenecks and provide analysis before rollout.

  4. Connected to APM for Risk Control

    Is seamlessly interconnected with the application performance management (APM) platform to analyze service and app performance, forecast risks, and preemptively control them.

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App Topology Analysis

Clear app relationship and exception display

  1. Automatic Status Discovery

    Automatically discovers app status and invoking relationships through service interfaces by non-intrusively collecting app KPI data. Displays status of apps, instances, and links to visualize the system health status, helping you quickly identify problems and performance bottlenecks.

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Fault Diagnosis

Quick fault analysis, improving O&M efficiency

  1. Quick Fault Analysis

    Traces and monitors call chains among masses of microservices. You can click an abnormal node to automatically trace to the faulty microservice instance or to the failed call chain or call stack, and view the input parameters and returned values of the failed function.

  2. O&M Library

    APM provides common fault diagnosis rules, including memory leakage analysis, database exception analysis, and OS fault diagnosis.

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Performance Optimization

Cloud performance test service (CPTS) generates simulated traffic based on the customized performance testing model and analyzes the app's concurrent processing capability, resource monitoring, and call chain status. Based on this analysis, APM diagnoses the problems and optimizes the performance.

  1. Peak Service Optimization

    Simulates shopping holidays' traffic to test peak performance, and optimizes the performance to ensure services quality.

  2. Performance and Capacity Optimization

    Accurately plans the app capacity and scales server specification elastically to reduce costs while ensuring services.

  3. Bottleneck Breakthrough

    Locates performance bottlenecks and faulty call chains to improve the server's overall throughput and service capability.

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DevOps Collaboration

Collaboration between development and O&M, ensuring development quality and improving O&M efficiency

  1. Potential Fault Detection

    Tests system performance before the provisioning to detect potential problems. Reports the problems to the development team to ensure application stability and reliability.

  2. Clear Responsibilities

    Quickly locates the causes of App performance faults, provides fault logs, and assigns the R&D responsibilities. In this way, ensures responsibilities clarity when multi-party systems are integrated and interfaces are invoked.

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Solution Architectures


CPTS is the "hands" and APM is the "eyes". In combination, they empower this solution to provide great testing and management services. CPTS supports protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS. It simulates various complex e-commerce scenarios where masses of concurrent requests and multiple transactions need to be handled. In addition, the service analyzes the concurrent processing capability, resource monitoring, and call chain status of the e-commerce system, then performs optimization accordingly.
APM provides digital full-link non-intrusive app management services, resolving problems such as application breakdown, performance deterioration, and user churn, and improving user experience.


  • One-stop performance testing & user experience management
  • Flexible expansion and on-demand charging
  • Flexible model customization & real scenario simulation
  • Burst traffic handling & full-link pressure testing
  • Professional test report
  • Visualized topology & full-link performance tracing
  • Functioninvoking & app KPI analysis
  • Development-testing-O&M collaboration

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