Gaming Operation Data Analysis

The Gaming Operation Data Analysis solution builds a gaming operation data analysis platform quickly using a wide variety of big data analysis services. The platform is compatible with industry-standard frameworks and supports flexible service expansion, which enables you to easily perform refined operation and intelligent analysis on the cloud.
Business Challenges
  • Single Data Source

    Data of different departments and games is stored in different devices and platforms. Therefore, analysis cannot be performed on multiple data sources. A lack of refined user profiles makes operation planning and implementation unlikely to achieve optimal effects, resulting in a low user conversion rate.

  • Lack of Experience in Data-driven Business

    Even though a large amount of data is accumulated on the platform, enterprises have little experience in data-driven business innovation and decision making, resulting in low data monetization rate.

  • Poor Platform Scalability

    The volume of incremental game data processed by the game data analysis service is dependent on game popularity and fluctuates greatly. However, traditional databases and data warehouses have poor scalability and struggle to keep up.

Typical Scenarios

Gaming Operation Data Analysis

  1. • In a game company, departments obtain metric data through the game data analysis platform and make decisions based on the obtained data.

  2. • The operations department analyzes the basic metrics of games through the platform to understand the overall operation status of the game, and provides reports to leaders for decision making.

  3. • The placement department analyzes the channel sources for new and active players through the platform to calculate the actual number of customers per channel source, and determines the major channels for placement in the next quarter.

  4. • The planning department learns about the novice guidance phase with player churn through the platform so as to optimize the corresponding phase accordingly. Meanwhile, it obtains the probability that players pass each game level and optimizes game level settings and game properties to improve user experience.

Solution Architectures

Game Operation Data Analysis Architecture

Leverages Huawei's commercial big data products and service capabilities to provide pay-per-use storage and computing services for the game data analysis platforms of game companies and assists the operations, promotion, and planning departments in data-based decision making.


  • High data storage reliability
  • Programming-free data collection
  • Heterogeneous analysis of data from multiple sources
  • Efficient Spark programming model
Solution Advantages
  • Easy to Use

    Services are provisioned in seconds. No infrastructure needs to be managed and there are no maintenance costs. You can configure SDK/Agent to collect data without programming. Standard SQL, compatible with Spark SQL, is provided, conforming to your operation habits.

  • Secure and Reliable

    HTTPS encrypted transmission is provided. Resources and operations are isolated among tenants for access control, protecting the system, user privacy, and data integrity. Data is stored across availability zones, with a service availability of 99.9%.

  • Multi-source Analysis

    Multiple data sources on the cloud can be explored without complex data loading and conversion. A wide variety of data formats and analysis dimensions are provided.

  • Fast and Efficient

    Association analysis of trillions of data records is implemented in seconds. Key capabilities such as OLAP analysis, statistical analysis, data mining, self-service analysis, full text retrieval, and zipper table updates are available.

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